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The Oneitude is directly proportional to the Colditude of the One.

[edit] About Me

Hello. My name is Adam and I'm a college student of Northwest Missouri State University. Go Bearcats!! (Dot Com's a cheater too...) I was first turned on to Homestar Runner my freshman year here. I'm going to be in my Junior year here this fall. I'm relatively new to the Wiki and I'll do my best to vanquish the evile doeres.

First Toon: A Jorb Well Done

First Scroll buttons song: The scroll, the scroll, the buttons, the buttons, scrollin so smooth like the butter on the muffin...

First Sbemail: kind of cool

Favorite Characters: Homsar, Strong Sad, and Homestar Runner and now.. The Dancing Brothers

Favorite Toons: A Jorb Well Done, A Folky Tale

Favorite Email: origins

Favorite Feature: Teen Girl Squad

Favorite Age: 20X6

Favorite lines: "I don't like food anymore" by Dairy Queen in 2 years
"This is real bad..." By The Coach Zed in A Folky Tale

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