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User Details (H*R World)

Favorite Character: Strong Bad
Second Favorite Character: Homestar Runner

Favorite Cartoon: Where the Crap are We?
Second Favorite Cartoon: Loading Screens

Favorite sbemail: Email Thunder
Second Favorite sbemail: ISP

SBCG4AP Episodes Owned: Homestar Ruiner for Wii, Strong Badia the Free for Wii

Favorite Quotes:
Strong Bad: ...and helping Homestar...lose his teeth.
Strong Bad: Hurl!
Homestar: Tooth!

Strong Sad: Hey, this dictionary goes straight from crapvalanche to pukevalanche!

Homestar: This suck-quake of a movie is a complete waste-nado of my seven bucks-forest fire.

Strong Bad: I think my imagination's broke. Let me try to think of the best thing: ... beef ... stew. Yup, it's broke.

Homestar: And try the new line of Melonade Powdered Throat Closers. Apply directly to the esophagus! *cough* *cough* *wheeze* That's good stuff!

Homestar: You know where the real money is? Phonebooks!

Homestar: I wonder how you spell Tabasco. Tabasco!

User Details (Real World)

Favorite TV Shows:

Favorite Scripting Language: PHP

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