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{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#CC6666|codebkgd=#FF6666|codecolor=#000000|code=HI|msg=This user is on the '''[[HRWiki:Welcoming committee|welcoming committee]]'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#CC6666|codebkgd=#FF6666|codecolor=#000000|code=HI|msg=This user is on the '''[[HRWiki:Welcoming committee|welcoming committee]]'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#6699CC|codebkgd=#006699|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=F!|msg=This user is on the '''<span class="plainlinks">[ HRWiki Frappr map]</span>'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#6699CC|codebkgd=#006699|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=F!|msg=This user is on the '''<span class="plainlinks">[ HRWiki Frappr map]</span>'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#00008B|mainbkgd=#F5F5F5|codebkgd=#F00|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=MB|msg=This user is on '''[]'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#00008B|mainbkgd=#F5F5F5|codebkgd=#F00|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=fm|msg=This user is on '''[]'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#5FCA75|codebkgd=#A90000|codecolor=#0036ff|code=[[Image:37_tux_linux_penguin.png|49px]]|msg=This user uses '''[[Wikipedia:Debian|Debian]] [[Wikipedia:Linux|GNU/Linux]] 4.0'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#5FCA75|codebkgd=#A90000|codecolor=#0036ff|code=[[Image:37_tux_linux_penguin.png|49px]]|msg=This user uses '''[[Wikipedia:Debian|Debian]] [[Wikipedia:Linux|GNU/Linux]] 4.0'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#CCCCCC|codebkgd=#15317E|codecolor=#000000|code=[[Image:sbemail55.PNG|53px]]|msg=This user has '''[[Wikipedia:Microsoft Windows|Windows]]''', but only uses it because WINE isn't all there yet, and he needs iTunes for his iPod.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#CCCCCC|codebkgd=#15317E|codecolor=#000000|code=[[Image:sbemail55.PNG|53px]]|msg=This user has '''[[Wikipedia:Microsoft Windows|Windows]]''', but only uses it because WINE isn't all there yet, and he needs iTunes for his iPod.}}

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A Little About Me

Ken Jennings and me

Hello there, good chap!

All right, enough of the stereotypically British formalities. Obviously, I kinda like Homsar. I'm from Houston by way of New Orleans. Let's see... I'm a Computer Science major ar Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. (Texas, not Alabama)

Other things I like: Music -- "Weird Al" Yankovic, Creed, R.E.M., The Police, and DEFINITELY They Might Be Giants.

T.V. -- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Jeopardy!, MythBusters, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien

My favorite e-mails are definitely anything and what I want. The game Peasant's Quest is the best, but I spend WAY too much time playing Bronco Trolleys. (Well, I used to anyway.) Favorite toon: Bug in Mouth Disease.

Meatball:HelpingLusers: this struck me as something I can completely relate to.

P.S. I don't even like coffee. I just like Homsar.

Where my User Name Comes From (before anyone asks)

If Homsar was "Raised by a cup of coffee" then I'm that cup of coffee!

Wiki Involvement

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Keep on keepin’ it on!

PEACE OUT! — User:ACupOfCoffee@

This gnifty ASCII art I took from Rob's user page.

Copyright undetermined This image is part of a bootlegged video of a pay-for-admission presentation, and should be quietly slipped under the rug. Pretend you never saw this.
               aaaa                        8;7WB0Z8 X:W0
           a2SX2aa2SS2aa       a22SXXX77XXSZ7X:,XWW M. W8
          aZ@08888880BW@@WW@MMMMM@B0888Z8BWMMMM2;ZM .  S2208
          aa@0888888880@MM@XXMMMW88000000088ZZMMMMa ,,M:WB2X:
           2BW8888880@MW2,     XMMMB88000000088WB@MM:.80iSBB8
           aSBW8880WMM2i          @MMM08000000ZWBBB@MM220i;0Z
            aSBB8BMM2               ,MMMB880008BWBBBBMMZ2B;0B
             aSWMM2;; MM     MM        @MM@08088WBBBBB@MrX8 .
              aZZ;S,   Mr     M          rMMM08ZWBBBBBBWM8aB8
              8@S2,  ;7MM   i;MM            MMMZWBBBBBBB@MraZ
             0MaZ    M MM   M MM              MMMWBBBBBBBMW2Z
            00;2     M7MM   M7MM                MMM@BBBB0@M 8
           BM;a.     MMMa   MMMa                  MMMWBBBWM Z
          Ba:Sr       MM    ,MM                 .   MMMBBBMB2
 80000000BW 7S                                  ,.    MMMBMWX
 0BW@MMMMMWS8S:;i,                              ,...   XMMMWX
 r::.     ,i7Sa0BWMMMMMMM@BZ2X:                 ,.....   MM@X
 X                                              ,......   MM2
 8:                                             ,.......  r;0
 M8                                             ,....... .2 W
 0M;                                           .,....... :S8W
  @S,                                          ,........ 7;aB
  0@2                                          ,........ a.70
   BWX                                         :........ Z M8
    WM.                                        ,.......  Z:@Z
    8@S                                       .,....... .X@0Z
    BWS                                      :........ X,MZZ
      @S,                                     :........ Z,MZZ
      00S                                    .,.......  Z7WZZ
       WZX                                   :........ ,r00ZZ
       8B2                                   ,........ 7rWZZ
         MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB82X;i,                     ,2BZZ
        280888880008BW0800000008888888888Z8B00BWW@@ MM@MXZZZ
       a2W088888008MMMM00000000000000000008BBBBBBBB BB0MXaZZ
       2ZB88888008@M  MM80000000000000000080BBBBBBBBBB0MZSZZ
       2B08888808WMi   MM8000000000000000008BBBBBBBBBB0WMXZZ
      a2B0888800BMB     MM8000000000000000088BBBBBBBBB0BM7ZZ
     2ZB8888800MM      .M@880000000000000008BBBBBBBBB00MraZZ
     ZMM@MMMMMMM        ZMMMMWB08888800000080BBBBBBBBB0MaaZZ
    a02                            BB800000008BBBBBBBBB0WS ZZ
    2ZMMX                         MM@00000000080BBBBBBBB0aXZZ 
    SB8WMM                     WMMB000000000088BBBBBBBB0WMXZZ 
   a2@888MMM                 SMMW00000000000088BBBBBBBB00MrZZ
   aSB88888MM8             ;MM@0000000000000008WBBBBBBB00MraZ
  a28B88888ZMM,             MW80000000000000008BBBBBBBB00MZ2Z
  aZB0888808MW              @M80000000000000008BBBBBBBB00M0SZ
  SW0888888MM                MM8000000000000008BBBBBBBBB0@BXZ
 a2W888888WM        rX        MB000000000000008WBBBBBBBB0WMXZ
 SW0888880MM     XMMMMMM      MM800000000000088BBBBBBBBB0BM7Z
 2@888888MM   SMMMMB88BMMMZ    M@80000000000080BBBBBBBBB00MXa
 B08888Z8M  MMMM080000088WMMM   M80000000000080BBBBBBBBB0BM2a
 WZ88888WMMM@080000000000880MMM,M08000000000080BBBB BBBB00MS2
 08888808888000000000000000088W@MM8000000000080BBBB BBBBB8M0S
 888888000000000000000000000000888800000000008BBBBB BBBBB0MWS
 888880000000000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBB BBBBBB@aX
 888880000000000000000000000000000000000000008WBBBB BBBBBBWMX
 888800000000000000000000000000000000000000080BBBBB BBBBBB0B 
 88880000000000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBBB BBBBBB00M
 ZZZ00000000000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBBB BBBBBB00M
 @0ZZZ880000000000000000000000000000000000088BBBBBB BBBBBBB0M
 BMMMW0ZZ88000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBBBB BBBBBBB0@
 S7aWMMM@B8ZZ8880000000000000000000000000088BBBBBBB BBBBBB00W
  a2XXa0@MMM@W8ZZZZ888000000000000000000008BBBBBB00 00000008W
     a2S7XiZWMMMMMWB8ZZZZZZ8888888000000088B0000000 000BBW@MM
          a2X;XSaa0W@@@@@WWWBBBB0000000000BBBBWWWWW WWWWBB02S

Favorite user quotes

Favorite quotes from users, not quotes from favorite users, otherwise there'd be none as I try not to play favorites with people.

"...matching format of third point with other two, and clarifying by making up words." — AbdiViklas {author's edit: specifically, "goodest." —AbdiViklas}

"But Lord is it crappy. ... They're just coming up with anything funny right now. This one's kind of like trying too hard." — Darth Katana X

"yay! revert wars!" — It's dot com

"Not updating any invisible lists, nope nope." — DorianGray

(Deletion log) (diff; hist) . . BazookaJoe (Talk | contribs) (deleted "sbemail154": Proof that Tom lives in the future. Content was: '#REDIRECT redesign')

I particularly liked this exchange:

"are downloads free??" —
"Nope. Please make checks payable to: It's dot com, c/o Homestar Runner Wiki. Seriously, what are you talking about?" — It's dot com
"He's clearly referring to the underground wares server we have running. Just let me show him around back...." — Lapper

Three successive edit summaries:

"ThisiswhatIhearicization" — Jay

"Yeah, it's a 5" diskette. They were fairly common for a while. Then computers got good." — DorianGray

"This are ungood grammar-like and needs made better." — Jay

Discussing the ending of Metroid with Trey56:

"While tempting, no pictures of you in a bikini are necessary. Thanks though." — Tom

"This email has-makes a reference to needing good, consistant grammar" — DorianGray

"Sentences usually end with some form of punctuation. Usually" — MNGoldenEagle

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