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My Userbox


[edit] Intro

Hey!I'm 16_BIT_MARIO1,but you can call me 16_Bit.I'm the same 16_BIT_MARIO1 as on the Nintendo NSider forums and the Animal Crossing Ahead pattern generator,in case you were wondering.Take a look around.I added a userbox a while ago and it's getting really long,so I'm expanding these sections,too.

[edit] How I Found Homestar Runner

About three years ago,my brother's friend came over to my house.They eventually went onto the internet,then H*R just as I walked into the room.I asked them what site it was,and they said "It's Homestar".The next day,I went on the internet and went there.The first toon I saw was A Jorb Well Done.I was instantly addicted to the site and I started clicking on random links and I eventually found Strong Bad E-mails.I can't remember what the first one I saw was,but I remember that it was SO hiarious.I then learned that it was a weekly thing,not just updated whenever they feel like it.I came back every day to see if there was anything new and to watch some toons and SBE-mails.

[edit] Current Events

  • I'm currently working on a project."What is it?",you may ask.I will not tell until I'm almost done with it.I will,however,tell you that it has to do with entertainment.No lazors to burninate the universe.
  • I am in the planning stages for making a movie.Tell me who would be a better villain:a gray scale,evil version of the hero or an evil version from the future.
    • No,that is not the afforementioned project.

[edit] My Latest SBEmail

[edit] General Stuff

  • I've found that works better without the "www".Sometimes,if the URL is, the toons often get stuck on the loading screen,so here you go:
  • I made over 50 patterns on Animal Crossing Ahead!(Yay!)
  • I have 4 video game consoles,2 of which are broken.(NES and SNES)
  • In TROGDOR!, I made it to level 20 with a score of 1965.
  • I can't beat Level 9.2 of Stinkoman 20X6 for my life.
  • In the Fantastic Four movie,Johnny Storm's liscense plate says "TORCH'D".
  • I love Klay World, so I made this.

[edit] Favorite Stuff

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