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(Wiki Involvement: in the middle of downloading disc 1 of Debian. Let's see how well it runs on a Pentium III.)
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{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#CC6666|codebkgd=#FF6666|codecolor=#000000|code=HI|msg=This user is on the '''[[HRWiki:Welcoming committee|welcoming committee]]''' and feels it unnecessary to keep track of how many users he's welcomed.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#CC6666|codebkgd=#FF6666|codecolor=#000000|code=HI|msg=This user is on the '''[[HRWiki:Welcoming committee|welcoming committee]]''' and feels it unnecessary to keep track of how many users he's welcomed.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#6699CC|codebkgd=#006699|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=F!|msg=This user is on the '''<span class="plainlinks">[ HRWiki Frappr map]</span>'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#6699CC|codebkgd=#006699|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=F!|msg=This user is on the '''<span class="plainlinks">[ HRWiki Frappr map]</span>'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#CCCCCC|codebkgd=#15317E|codecolor=#000000|code=[[Image:sbemail55.PNG|53px]]|msg=This user uses '''[[Wikipedia:Microsoft Windows|Windows]]'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000000|mainbkgd=#5FCA75|codebkgd=#A90000|codecolor=#0036ff|code=[[Image:37_tux_linux_penguin.png|53px]]|msg=This user is attempting to install '''[[Wikipedia:Linux|Linux]]''' on one of his parents' old computers.}}
{{userbox|border=gold|mainbkgd=yellow|codebkgd=red|codecolor=black|code=[[Image:kidspeedy.PNG|43px]]|msg=This user is faster than '''[[Kid Speedy]]'''.}}
{{userbox|border=gold|mainbkgd=yellow|codebkgd=red|codecolor=black|code=[[Image:kidspeedy.PNG|43px]]|msg=This user is faster than '''[[Kid Speedy]]'''.}}
{{userbox|border=#000080|mainbkgd=#99AAFF|codebkgd=#191970|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=[[Image:handheldgames postshooter.png|43px]]|msg=This user likes the '''[[Handheld Games Menu|Old Games]]''' the best.}}
{{userbox|border=#000080|mainbkgd=#99AAFF|codebkgd=#191970|codecolor=#FFFFFF|code=[[Image:handheldgames postshooter.png|43px]]|msg=This user likes the '''[[Handheld Games Menu|Old Games]]''' the best.}}

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A Little About Me

Ken Jennings and me

Obviously, I like Homsar. I'm from Houston by way of New Orleans. I am 19 years old. I have the Homsar - Raised by a Cup of Coffee shirt, Homestar Runner's Star Shirt, Strong Bad Emails — 3 Disc DVD Set, Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits CD, and the blue Homestar Runner messenger bag. When I originally wrote this, I was in high school in my keyboarding class. Now I mostly edit from my dorm room at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. (Texas, not Alabama)

Other things I like: Music -- "Weird Al" Yankovic, Creed, John Mayer (before he decided to venture off in to hip-hop), The Police, and DEFINITELY TheyMight BeGiants.

T.V. -- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Jeopardy!, MythBusters, and I usually watch some late-night TV. (but not every night;)

My favorite e-mails are definitely little animal and haircut. The game Peasant's Quest is the best, but I spend WAY too much time playing Bronco Trolleys. (Well, I used to anyway.) Favorite toon: Bug in Mouth Disease. Well, that's about all I can think of to put here, but...well, it's not like this is supposed to be my autobiography or anything.

Meatball:HelpingLusers: this struck me as something I can completely relate to.

P.S. As of Saturday October 1st, I am now an Eagle Scout. Hooray a-for me!!

P.P.S. I don't even like coffee. I just like Homsar.

Where my User Name Comes From (before anyone asks)

If Homsar was "Raised by a cup of coffee" then I'm that cup of coffee! Image:homsar_shirt_logo_back.PNG

Wiki Involvement

en This user is a native speaker of English.
es-2 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel intermedio de español.
mw-4 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of MediaWiki.
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Keep on keepin’ it on!

PEACE OUT! — User:ACupOfCoffee@


I use Gmail as my primary email. I even have my university email forwarded there. If anybody would like an invite, just let me know on my talk page. However, don't give me your email address there because I wouldn't want spammers to get ahold of it. I'll get it from you on IRC.

Keyboard (i.e.: wiki) + Sean is eating Cheetos = productivity down (Because I have to hunt and peck with my right hand, an I'm a lefty. Good thing I've always used mice with that hand.)


Before I learned to log in for every edit, (and when I was at school) I was sometimes known as Anonymous user As I've graduated, any edits from that IP since May 2005 aren't me.

This gnifty ASCII art I took from Rob's user page.

Copyright undetermined This image is part of a bootlegged video of a pay-for-admission presentation, and should be quietly slipped under the rug. Pretend you never saw this.
               aaaa                        8;7WB0Z8 X:W0
           a2SX2aa2SS2aa       a22SXXX77XXSZ7X:,XWW M. W8
          aZ@08888880BW@@WW@MMMMM@B0888Z8BWMMMM2;ZM .  S2208
          aa@0888888880@MM@XXMMMW88000000088ZZMMMMa ,,M:WB2X:
           2BW8888880@MW2,     XMMMB88000000088WB@MM:.80iSBB8
           aSBW8880WMM2i          @MMM08000000ZWBBB@MM220i;0Z
            aSBB8BMM2               ,MMMB880008BWBBBBMMZ2B;0B
             aSWMM2;; MM     MM        @MM@08088WBBBBB@MrX8 .
              aZZ;S,   Mr     M          rMMM08ZWBBBBBBWM8aB8
              8@S2,  ;7MM   i;MM            MMMZWBBBBBBB@MraZ
             0MaZ    M MM   M MM              MMMWBBBBBBBMW2Z
            00;2     M7MM   M7MM                MMM@BBBB0@M 8
           BM;a.     MMMa   MMMa                  MMMWBBBWM Z
          Ba:Sr       MM    ,MM                 .   MMMBBBMB2
 80000000BW 7S                                  ,.    MMMBMWX
 0BW@MMMMMWS8S:;i,                              ,...   XMMMWX
 r::.     ,i7Sa0BWMMMMMMM@BZ2X:                 ,.....   MM@X
 X                                              ,......   MM2
 8:                                             ,.......  r;0
 M8                                             ,....... .2 W
 0M;                                           .,....... :S8W
  @S,                                          ,........ 7;aB
  0@2                                          ,........ a.70
   BWX                                         :........ Z M8
    WM.                                        ,.......  Z:@Z
    8@S                                       .,....... .X@0Z
    BWS                                      :........ X,MZZ
      @S,                                     :........ Z,MZZ
      00S                                    .,.......  Z7WZZ
       WZX                                   :........ ,r00ZZ
       8B2                                   ,........ 7rWZZ
         MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB82X;i,                     ,2BZZ
        280888880008BW0800000008888888888Z8B00BWW@@ MM@MXZZZ
       a2W088888008MMMM00000000000000000008BBBBBBBB BB0MXaZZ
       2ZB88888008@M  MM80000000000000000080BBBBBBBBBB0MZSZZ
       2B08888808WMi   MM8000000000000000008BBBBBBBBBB0WMXZZ
      a2B0888800BMB     MM8000000000000000088BBBBBBBBB0BM7ZZ
     2ZB8888800MM      .M@880000000000000008BBBBBBBBB00MraZZ
     ZMM@MMMMMMM        ZMMMMWB08888800000080BBBBBBBBB0MaaZZ
    a02                            BB800000008BBBBBBBBB0WS ZZ
    2ZMMX                         MM@00000000080BBBBBBBB0aXZZ 
    SB8WMM                     WMMB000000000088BBBBBBBB0WMXZZ 
   a2@888MMM                 SMMW00000000000088BBBBBBBB00MrZZ
   aSB88888MM8             ;MM@0000000000000008WBBBBBBB00MraZ
  a28B88888ZMM,             MW80000000000000008BBBBBBBB00MZ2Z
  aZB0888808MW              @M80000000000000008BBBBBBBB00M0SZ
  SW0888888MM                MM8000000000000008BBBBBBBBB0@BXZ
 a2W888888WM        rX        MB000000000000008WBBBBBBBB0WMXZ
 SW0888880MM     XMMMMMM      MM800000000000088BBBBBBBBB0BM7Z
 2@888888MM   SMMMMB88BMMMZ    M@80000000000080BBBBBBBBB00MXa
 B08888Z8M  MMMM080000088WMMM   M80000000000080BBBBBBBBB0BM2a
 WZ88888WMMM@080000000000880MMM,M08000000000080BBBB BBBB00MS2
 08888808888000000000000000088W@MM8000000000080BBBB BBBBB8M0S
 888888000000000000000000000000888800000000008BBBBB BBBBB0MWS
 888880000000000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBB BBBBBB@aX
 888880000000000000000000000000000000000000008WBBBB BBBBBBWMX
 888800000000000000000000000000000000000000080BBBBB BBBBBB0B 
 88880000000000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBBB BBBBBB00M
 ZZZ00000000000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBBB BBBBBB00M
 @0ZZZ880000000000000000000000000000000000088BBBBBB BBBBBBB0M
 BMMMW0ZZ88000000000000000000000000000000008BBBBBBB BBBBBBB0@
 S7aWMMM@B8ZZ8880000000000000000000000000088BBBBBBB BBBBBB00W
  a2XXa0@MMM@W8ZZZZ888000000000000000000008BBBBBB00 00000008W
     a2S7XiZWMMMMMWB8ZZZZZZ8888888000000088B0000000 000BBW@MM
          a2X;XSaa0W@@@@@WWWBBBB0000000000BBBBWWWWW WWWWBB02S

Favorite user quotes

Favorite quotes from users, not quotes from favorite users, otherwise there'd be more.

"...matching format of third point with other two, and clarifying by making up words." — AbdiViklas {author's edit: specifically, "goodest." —AbdiViklas}

"But Lord is it crappy. ... They're just coming up with anything funny right now. This one's kind of like trying too hard." — Darth Katana X

"yay! revert wars!" — It's dot com

"Not updating any invisible lists, nope nope." — DorianGray

(Deletion log) (diff; hist) . . BazookaJoe (Talk | contribs) (deleted "sbemail154": Proof that Tom lives in the future. Content was: '#REDIRECT redesign')

I particularly liked this exchange:

are downloads free?? —

Nope. Please make checks payable to: It's dot com, c/o Homestar Runner Wiki. Seriously, what are you talking about? — It's dot com
He's clearly referring to the underground wares server we have running. Just let me show him around back.... — Lapper
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