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"Not" "really" "magic"
MIKE: So the "'cartoon' for kids" in quotes, you know... misused quotes.
MATT: Oh! There was... some moving company, or something, and it says, like, "We're 'glad you called'" and "glad you called" is in quotes.
Kick the Can DVD commentary

Sometimes, The Brothers Chaps will put "unnecessary quotation marks" in their cartoons. This is quite common in Old-Timey toons. Many of these uses are to imply sarcasm or untruthfulness.


  • Kick the Can"Cartoon" is in quotes.
  • Parsnips A-Plenty — In the opening, "cartoon" and "kids" are in quotes.
  • Email lackeyStrong Bad puts the following statements regarding The Cheat in quotes:
    • "knows what's best"
    • "doesn't want to get left by the side of the road during a thunderstorm"
    • "taped to Pom-Pom again"
    • "treat him like a brother that's not Strong Sad"
    • "little yellow squeaky thing that somethetimes steals my ladytypes"
    • "thinks pencil shavings are legal tender"
  • That a Ghost"Scary" is in quotes during the opening.
  • Halloween Fairstival — Pom Pom and The Poopsmith hold a "Creeping" Silent "Death" Auction.
  • Commandos in the ClassroomGunhaver uses hand gestures to put "teenage situation" and "appropriate inappropriate whatever thingies" in quotes.
  • Email portrait — A newspaper is shown with one headline reading "Banks have 'money'".
  • Email magic trick — There is a sign that reads "street" "magic" "today".
  • Quote of the Week — In an outtake from The Baloneyman, Bubs points out that the word "shaped" in "shaped like there's a bite taken out of it" is in quotes.
  • Costume Commercial — Each costume comes with its own "cheap" ""costume-ish"" """pullover""". Also, the "help" in "staying at home to help Mom & Dad give out treats" is given progressively more quotation marks as the announcer clears his throat.
  • Email videography — All of Strong Bad's professions (such as "heart surgeon", "licensed technician", and "fireman") have quotation marks around them and also somehow involve a chainsaw.

Sarcastic Quotation Marks

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