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"How many WPMs can you get up to?"

Typing Tutor Turbo is a stand-up arcade game that apparently helps you learn to type, despite the fact that it has no keyboard. The King of Town owns this game, and Strong Bad used it to crush him. The game features a ship that you use to shoot at rows of letters to accumulate "WPMs" ("that's words per minute, you know"). There is a PC version of the game called "Typing Tutor Jr." that Strong Bad put up for sale with a price tag of $23 in his garage sale.

Fun Facts

  • The game itself seems to be similar to old arcade games where the object was to destroy wave after wave of enemy spaceships. These games include Namco's Galaga and Taito's Space Invaders.
  • The game may also draw influence from Galoob's unlicensed Game Genie device, which facilitated cheating on Nintendo games. The font is identical between the two, both feature an incomplete alphabet, and both have a somewhat game-like format.

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