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"I'm thankful for Pan Pan's epiglottis!"

Stinkoman learns how to give thanks.

Cast (In Order Of Appearence): Stinkoman, 1-Up, Pan Pan, Cheatball, Shadowy Figure.

Places: Planet K, Pan Pan's Stomach, Mountainous Region

Date: Monday, November 24, 2008

Running Time: 2:14

Page Title: Holiday Prices on Spiced Bun and Frozen Bake!



{Stinkoman is working on something off the screen, making vocal noises as he does so. His green tongue protrudes from his mouth.}

STINKOMAN: Heer. Ah! Heejee. Goo? Ah!

{1-Up arrives from the left}

1-UP: Hey, Stinkoman, what are you think you're doing?

STINKOMAN: Go away. I'm doing something!

1-UP: {Briefly looks upset with a "distressed" sound-effect, then recovers} Uh, yeah. But what is it you're doing?

STINKOMAN: Can't you see, my good man? I'm giving thanks! {Smiles broadly, then puts his hands on his hips with a Shing! sound.}

1-UP: {Briefly makes the same face as before} Um... because it looks like you're building a tractor!

STINKOMAN: {Long shot showing the tractor} Shows how much you know! {Makes his laughing action} Now watch me give thanks to these crops! {Roots around in the tractor, and pulls out what appears to be a John Deere hat, putting it on with a ding!} Ha! {Jumps into the air, spinning. He briefly comes to rest in mid-air in a reclining posture, then drops to the seat of the tractor and starts it up.}

1-UP: That's not how you give thanks! {Laughs on "thanks", then makes the upset face again.}

STINKOMAN: Oh yeah, talking-to-me-extraordinaire? If you're so smart, why don't YOU show me how to give thanks without the use of farm equipment?

1-UP: Okay. Pan Pan?

{Pan Pan drops from above, then opens his mouth wide, and inhales 1-Up and Stinkoman. After a second, he spits out Stinkoman's hat. Cut to the interior of Pan Pan's stomach.}

1-UP: Watch me while I do work! Just today, I'm thankful for Pan Pan's epiglottis! {Smiles broadly, while four hearts float out of his head and pop.}

STINKOMAN: Oh, NOW I get it! Like this! {Dashes off-screen. Cut to him sitting behind a desk in a suit, his hair neatly combed.} Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! {Holds a diconnected phone handset to his ear whenever he says "buy" and a mug of coffee to his mouth whenever he says "sell". Then he collapses to the desk, exhausted.} Uhhh...

1-UP: No, no, no. THAT'S not it! {Laughs on "it".}

{Wipe to back outside. Close-up of 1-Up, and the Cheatball can be seen spinning on his head.}

1-UP: I'm thankful for the Cheatball spinning profusely on my head!

STINKOMAN: Oh yeah! Now I REALLY got it! Like this! {Backflips off-screen. Rapid pan to show Stinkoman's foot sticking out of the ground. The foot wiggles as muffled speaking noises can be heard.}

1-UP: {Walks up, Cheatball still spinning on his head.} That's not it, either!

STINKOMAN: {Appearing on the other side of the screen} Say WHAT?

{Diamond wipe to a shot of Stinkoman and 1-Up, sans Cheatball, in front of a mountain range.}

1-UP: People give thanks for things like {close-up as 1-Up holds up one item of each of the following as he says it} favorite food, spiced bun, frozen bake, and all that, and all that.

{Back to the long shot. The aforementioned items are sitting on the ground next to 1-Up.}

STINKOMAN: {Wiping his brow} Man, oh, man-o! Who would've thought that giving thanks was such a formidable challenge? {Triumphant pose} Hey wait, that's it! {Charges up, and suddenly gets incredibly muscular. Small rocks float up off the ground} Whoooaaa, making small rocks float up off the GRRROOOOOUUUUUUUUND! {As Stinkoman returns to normal, a pilgrim's hat appears on his head with a ding!} I'm thankful that my hat is wearing a belt!

1-UP: Great job, Stinkoman! You got the Green Crystal Shard! {Shard appears with a green flash}

STINKOMAN: Will we ever find all the colors before the bad guy?

{Rapid pan to the top of a mountain showing a shadow figure with the red, blue and yellow shards. The shadowy figure laughs evilly. Scene freezes, and changes to a ink-drawing style. The credits appear on the screen}

VOICE-OVER: Be sure and tune in for tomorrow's exciting episode of... {Stinkoman appears, holding all four shards, and the title appears over the top} Stinkoman and the Challenge of the Crystal Shards!

{Shot of Stinkoman at the desk in Pan Pan's stomach as before}

STINKOMAN: Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! Buy!

{Back to title screen.}

VOICE-OVER: Or... maybe don't. {Gong sounds}

{The credits read:}

directed by
A. Chimendez

written by

i can not name all of them.
one is sarah.

Fun Facts


  • The sound coming from the tractor is the same that comes from the compressOR in Drive-Thru. This may be on perpose becuse its a tracTOR.


  • The epiglottis is a flap of cartilage at the back of the mouth. When swallowing, it folds down, preventing food from entering the windpipe, and sending it down the esophagus instead.


  • The picture on Stinkoman's hat flips sides when he jumps into the tractor.

Fixed Goofs

  • Originally, the name plate on the desk was supposed to read "Top Exec" using Arial font but the text did not display. This was fixed shortly after release, now using Algerian font.

Inside References

"That's not it either!"
  • Stinkoman's green tongue is seen in this toon.
    • However, his tongue is pink when he is talking.
      • Maybe only the underside of his tongue is green.
        • Unlikely, because in Stinkoman 20X6, when you get a game over as Stinkoman, he sticks his tongue out downwards, and his tongue is still green. It's very unlikely but possible he has two tongues, a pink one and a green one.
  • Beverly Sportsinterviews-Chimendez is credited as the writer of Stinkoman and the Challenge of the Crystal Shards.
  • Stinkoman appears twice in this toon when his leg is buried.

Real-World References

  • The "Making small rocks float up off the GRRROOOOOUUUUUUUUND!" quote is a reference to Dragonball Z. When characters "power up", rocks around them begin to float in a similar fashion.
  • Stinkoman's hat has similar colors and logo to those of the John Deere tractor company.
  • The cartoon character on Stinkoman's coffee mug is Ziggy.
  • The color scheme and decals on Stinkoman's tractor resemble those on Kaneda's motorcycle in Akira.
  • The Voiceover at the end is also a reference to Dragonball Z where, at the end of every episode a Voiceover would say 'Tune in next time for another exciting episode of... DRAGONBALL Z!"
  • Pan Pan sucking up Stinkoman and 1-Up is likely a reference to the Kirby series of video games, where Kirby was able to suck his enemies into his mouth and copy their powers.
    • Kirby also was in a self-staring video game Kirby and the Crystal Shards. Althought the Crystal Shards in this toon do not look like the Crystal Shards in the game, its possible that this is where the name came from.

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