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Toon Category: Holiday Toon
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"I'm thankful for Pan Pan's epiglottis!"

Stinkoman learns how to give thanks.

Cast (In Order Of Appearence): Stinkoman, 1-Up, Pan Pan, Cheatball, Shadowy Figure.

Date: 24th November 2008

Running Time: 2:14

Page Title: Holiday Prices on Spiced Bun and Frozen Bake!



{Stinkoman is working on something off the screen, making vocal noises as he does so. His green tongue protrudes from his mouth.}

STINKOMAN: Heer. Ah! Heejee. Goo? Ah!

{1-Up arrives from the left}

1-UP: Hey, Stinkoman, what are you think you're doing?

STINKOMAN: Go away. I'm doing something!

1-UP: {Briefly looks upset with a "distressed" sound-effect, then recovers} Uh, yeah. But what is it you're doing?

STINKOMAN: Can't you see, my good man? I'm giving thanks! {Smiles broadly, then puts his hands on his hips with a Shing! sound.}

1-UP: {Briefly makes the same face as before} Um... because it looks like you're building a tractor!

STINKOMAN: {Long shot showing the tractor} Shows how much you know! {Makes his laughing action} Now watch me give thanks to these crops! {Roots around in the tractor, and pulls out a baseball cap, putting it on with a ding!} Ha! {Jumps into the air, spinning. He briefly comes to rest in mid-air in a reclining posture, then drops to the seat of the tractor and starts it up.}

1-UP: That's not how you give thanks! {Laughs on "thanks", then makes the upset face again.}

STINKOMAN: Oh yeah, talking-to-me-extraordinaire? If you're so smart, why don't YOU show me how to give thanks without the use of farm equipment?

1-UP: Okay. Pan Pan?

{Pan Pan drops from above, then opens his mouth wide, and inhales 1-Up and Stinkoman. After a second, he spits out Stinkoman's baseball cap. Cut to the interior of Pan Pan's stomach.}

1-UP: Watch me while I do work! Just today, I'm thankful for Pan Pan's epiglottis! {Smiles broadly, while four hearts float out of his head and pop.}

STINKOMAN: Oh, NOW I get it! Like this! {Dashes off-screen. Cut to him sitting behind a desk in a suit, his hair neatly combed.} Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! {Holds a diconnected phone handset to his ear whenever he says "buy" and a mug of coffee to his mouth whenever he says "sell". Then he collapses to the desk, exhausted.} Uhhh...

1-UP: No, no, no. THAT'S not it! {Laughs on "it".}

{Wipe to back outside. Close-up of 1-Up, and the Cheatball can be seen spinning on his head.}

1-UP: I'm thankful for the Cheatball spinning profusely on my head!

STINKOMAN: Oh yeah! Now I REALLY got it! Like this! {Backflips off-screen. Rapid pan to show Stinkoman's foot sticking out of the ground. The foot wiggles as muffled speaking noises can be heard.}

1-UP: {Walks up, Cheatball still spinning on his head.} That's not it, either!

STINKOMAN: {Appearing on the other side of the screen} Say WHAT?

{Diamond wipe to a shot of Stinkoman and 1-Up, sans Cheatball, in front of a mountain range.}

1-UP: People give thanks for things like {close-up as 1-Up holds up a each item of the following as he says it} favorite food, spiced bun, frozen bake, and all that, and all that.

{Back to the long shot. The aforementioned items are sitting on the ground next to 1-Up.}

STINKOMAN: {Wiping his brow} Man, oh, man-o! Who would've thought that giving thanks was such a formidable challenge? {Triumphant pose} Hey wait, that's it! {Charges up, and suddenly gets incredibly muscular. Small rocks float up off the ground} Whoooaaa, making small rocks float up off the GRRROOOOOUUUUUUUUND! {As Stinkoman returns to normal, a pilgrim's hat appears on his head with a ding!} I'm thankful that my hat is wearing a belt!

1-UP: Great job, Stinkoman! You got the Green Crystal Shard! {Shard appears with a green flash}

STINKOMAN: Will we ever find all the colors before the bad guy?

{Rapid pan to the top of a mountain showing a shadow figure with the red, blue and yellow shards. The shadowy figure laughs evilly. Scene freezes, and changes to a ink-drawing style. The credits appear on the screen}

VOICE-OVER: Be sure and tune in for tomorrow's exciting episode of... {Stinkoman appears, holding all four shards, and the title appears over the top} Stinkoman and the Challenge of the Crystal Shards!

{Shot of Stinkoman at the desk in Pan Pan's stomach as before}

STINKOMAN: Buy! Sell! Buy! Sell! Buy!

{Back to title screen.}

VOICE-OVER: Or... maybe don't. {Gong sounds}

{The credits read:}

directed by
A. Chimendez

written by

i can not name all of them.
one is sarah.

Fun Facts


  • The epiglottis is a flap of cartilage at the back of the mouth. When swallowing, it folds down, preventing food from entering the windpipe, and sending it down the oesophagus instead.


  • The name plate on the desk is supposed to read "Top Exec", but the text does not display.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • The "Making small rocks float up off the GRRROOOOOUUUUUUUUND!" quote is a reference to anime cartoons, mainly Dragonball Z, when they "power up".
  • Stinkoman's hat has similar colors and logo to those of the John Deere tractor company.
  • The cartoon character on Stinkoman's coffee mug is Ziggy.
  • The color scheme and decals on Stinkoman's tractor resemble those on Kaneda's motorcycle in Akira.
  • The Voiceover at the end is also a reference to Dragonball Z where, at the end of every episode a Voiceover would say 'Tune in next time for another exiting episode of... DRAGONBALL Z!"
  • Pan Pan sucking up Stinkoman and 1-Up is likely a reference to the Kirby series of video games, where Kirby was able to suck his enemies into his mouth and copy their powers.
  • Stinkoman and the Challenge of the Crystal Shards may also be an reference to the Nintendo 64 game: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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