Twelve-Times-A-Day Man

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Twelve-Times-A-Day Man is an alter ego of Strong Sad, appearing in the sbemail fan club. He is probably a reference to Strong Bad's line "I can do it! I can do it nine times!" in The Cheat's Crazy Cartoon, as well as the same line in the e-mail virus. Strong Sad devises Twelve-Times-A-Day Man within a sbemail fan fiction, against Strong Bad's wishes ("You can't just start making up terrible new characters!"). Twelve-Times-A-Day Man seems to have a stronger, more confident personality than his real-world counterpart. He has the power to do things twelve times. He also seems to have the ability to fly, or at least hover, because he flies into view from above.

In appearance, he is exactly like Strong Sad, except that he wears a yellow mask, a "12x" badge, and a yellow cape. He also has no discernible eyes, in spite of the fact that his mask has eye-holes.

He is also seen in an Easter egg after the e-mail. Clicking on the word "fiction" cuts to a scene featuring Marzipan complaining that she can't paddle a paddleball more than 11 times. Twelve-Times-A-Day Man says he can do it twelve times.

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