Trogdor! LIVE with the Brothers Chaps!

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"Giant peasant to you... giant peasant to you..."

Strong Bad and Mike Chapman play Trogdor!! The Board Game live on Tabletop Simulator with Greater Than Games.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Mike Chapman, Homestar Runner (voice only), The King of Town (voice only)

Date: Friday, April 17, 2020

Running time: 1:00:12


{Game opens with a Trogdor!! The Board Game setup. There are four people with headsets on the side, and Strong Bad is seen standing in Strong Badia in the lower-left corner.}

MIKE: Strong Bad, you gonna take the lead here?


MAGGIE: All right, everybody. We are live.

STRONG BAD: Who's live?

MAGGIE: You're live.


{Chris waves.}

MAGGIE: The whole Internet can see you now.

STRONG BAD: Sweet deals! Hi, whole Internet! Are you sure they're all here? I don't know if this is everybody.

MAGGIE: {laughing} It's close. The number is growing as we speak.

STRONG BAD: We should wait for everyone to show up before we begin. We'll be- we're gonna be here awhile.

{The players laugh.}

ALEX: Hi, I think we have a six-billion to go.

STRONG BAD: Sweet, sweet, all right. {Maggie laughs} Hey, we're commandeering the-the the Greater Than Games tabletop livestream. Why don't you guys tell everybody what you normally do and then we'll tell them how I'm gonna screw it all up?

MAGGIE: I'm Maggie. I'm the marketing director for Greater Than Games. And normally, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we livestream uh... tabletop simulator games. For everyone stuck at home right now. Um... and then Alex, who are you, what do you do? {pointing to the frame below her} I'm pointing to where you're at.

{The players laugh}

ALEX: I-I I am Alex. Below Maggie? Um, {raising hand to the frame above} she's above my head. Just barely. Um... and anyway, I'm an account manager for Greater Than Games.

{The overhead view of the board rotates.}

MAGGIE: And then Chris, {pointing to the frame above} you're above me.

CHRIS: Oh, {looking to the frame below} hello down there. Uh... {Maggie laughs. Chris laughs, too} I'm design community liasion for Greater Than Games and also one of the co-owners, along with uh, Christopher Badell, uh, Paul Binder and Adam Rivitaro.

MAGGIE: {raising hand above} And then, Mike, all at the top. {Mike waves}

STRONG BAD: Who else? Who's... Is N. B. Davis in the center?

{Everyone laughs.}

MIKE: I'm gonna... I'm-I'm Mike, Strong Bad and I made this game together.

STRONG BAD: We did along with James Ernest.

MIKE: Yes.

STRONG BAD: Remember him?

MIKE: I remember him. We're playing a um... the prototype uh, like print-and-play version of the game with my terrible artwork.

STRONG BAD: Aw, looks good, Mike.

MIKE: Thanks.

STRONG BAD: Don't knock yaself.

MIKE: We made like, thirty copies of this game and rounded all the.. there's lots of corner rounding around every card that we printed out.

MAGGIE: Aw, that's nice.

ALEX: Aw. Yeah.

MIKE: I don't necessarily miss that... cutting out. Deck after deck and rounding all the corners.

CHRIS: Oh my gosh. I can't even...

STRONG BAD: I like finding all those tiny little thumbnails, now that are sitting around on our floor.

MIKE: There was a while where those were everywhere.

STRONG BAD: Uh, hey. Let's let the chat people decide which Trogdor meeple we're gonna use. We got...

{The various dragon Meeples are being clicked and dragged from a virtual sack to the board.}

MAGGIE: Oh yeah.

STRONG BAD: Let's pull them all out. We got, uh... {The Strong Sad's dragon meeple is brought to the board} Stupid Strong Sad's wingaling, uh... {the dragon is parked on a tile southwest of center.}

ALEX: Chi-see-ar.

STRONG BAD: Excuse me, chiarascuro... {the meeple is moved to the western edge} uh, Trogdor. We got the {the original Trogdor is clicked and moved closer to Strong Sad's} classic Trogdor here. {Wormdinlger is clicked and dragged to the southwest corner} We got creepo Coach Z's Wormdingler.

{The board view shifts a few times. The DAGRON meeple is clicked and moved.}

STRONG BAD: We got the... Strong Mad's DAGRON. {The DAGRON meeple is rotated to reveal the backside} And if we want to get secret, we got the Homsar's Taster's Choice, uh rendition of Trogdor.

{The sketchy Trogdor meeple is clicked and dragged.}

STRONG BAD: Got my notebook paper styles.

{The S is for Sucks meeple is clicked and dragged.}

STRONG BAD: And {singing} the S is for Sucks, the S is for Sucks. Clap Clap!

{Various dragon meeples are clicked and dragged around all at the same time.}

STRONG BAD: Anybody in the chats want to-to make some votes?

MAGGIE: All right, Shot. You're up.

{All the dragons are taken off the gameboard except Strong Sad's.}

MAGGIE: Let's see... Strong Sad's.

STRONG BAD: Strong Sad's?!

MAGGIE: No, I give you a lotta... DAGRON?

STRONG BAD: {cheering quietly} DAGRON! DAGRON! DAGRON!

MAGGIE: One two three.. I'm trying to count, help! ...The Cheat? Somebody just says, "The Cheat".

CHRIS: A bunch of DAGRONs.

MAGGIE: And there's a bunch of DAGRONs.

CHRIS: Yeah.

MAGGIE: I'm pretty sure DAGRON's winning.

{The DAGRON meeple is brought to the game board and flipped around to the front.}

STRONG BAD: All right, here, let's see, let's do this. {The tile with DAGRON on it is out of alignment}Oop, we've got the oops, gotta go back, {the DAGRON meeple falls over} go back.

{Chris laughs.}

MIKE: I'll get the tile. I'll get the tile. {The tile is realigned} I'll get the tile.

STRONG BAD: This is gonna be such a wonderful train wreck, everybody.

MIKE: I know, I'm nervous about wrecking everything.

STRONG BAD: Here, wait. I'm gonna wreck something right now. With the Flick Tool! {picks up and drags the DAGRON meeple} Watch this! {The meeple is dropped} {whispering} Let's do the flick. Turn on Flick Mode!

{A line is drawn from the DAGRON meeple to the edge of the game board. When released, the meeple flies across the game board and knocks over Strong Sad's dragon meeple, along with some peasants in the Trog-Meter.}

STRONG BAD AND MIKE: OHHH! {the Strong Sad's dragon meeple is picked up and placed back on the board} Get outta here!

MAGGIE: I wanna flick stuff.

CHRIS: I wanna flick stuff.

MAGGIE:I didn't know we could do that!

CHRIS: Yeah, seriously. Why can't we do something new every time we do this?

{The DAGRON meeple is being pushed around, messing up the center tiles.}

MIKE: I whuh- I just got the this, and that was the first thing I saw, was the little Flick icon.


{The tiles are corrected.}

MAGGIE: Yeah, don't we... oh, it's a tie probably between Warm-dingler and DAGRON.

STRONG BAD: Well, calling him Warm-dingler is s-so much grosser than Wormdingler.

{All the other players burst out laughing. Strong Bad smiles briefly.}

STRONG BAD: I don't want anyone to say "Warm-dingler" anymore.

MAGGIE: Yeah, Warm-god-dang-dingler, Thomas says. He's...

STRONG BAD: All right.

MAGGIE: ...passionate.

STRONG BAD: Ban him! He's beckin'. {Everyone laughs} No, not really. All right. Let's- we'll start with DAGRON, hey look, we can swap out during the game. It's not gonna be any... we can determine it right now.

MIKE: How about every time we take a hit, we can switch.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. Hey Mike, why don't you start uh... start handing out the Keepers and Items?

MIKE: Yeah. Everybody pick uh... pick a Keeper card and an Item card.

{Cards are picked from the decks and dragged, arranged on the sides of the board.}

STRONG BAD: So, if you'd never seen this game before, everybody will play as a Keeper of Trogdor-

{A stray card accidentally knocks over a knight.}

MIKE: Oops, sorry. Somebody trick the whole deck.

CHRIS: Whoops.

MAGGIE: That's me.

MIKE: You just gotta... I'm just gonna take a top card.

STRONG BAD: Now swipe quick.


STRONG BAD: Just your base. {whispering} Where am I sittin'? I don't know where I'm sittin'. There we go. Fans, 73.

{The cards are being flipped over.}

MIKE: Flip over.

STRONG BAD: All right, and we can go around the table, oh so I was explaining that everybody plays as a Keeper of Trogdor who are like Trogdor's groupies. And that we all have a special item and these will enhance, alter our abilities on each turn. And as we try and get Trogdor to burninate the entire countryside, eat all the peasants, {singing with a flourish} and all the THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES! {Maggie giggles} Right?

MIKE: Yeah!

ALEX: Yes.

MIKE: I flipped. I'm here for you, Strong Bad. I'm here for you, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: Thanks, Mike.

{Everyone is laughing.}

MIKE: All right, everybody...

STRONG BAD: I'll set the table, and everybody, uh yeah, has a Keeper and item and go around the table, who're we gonna start with?

MIKE: I'm gonna start.


{The card featuring Worchex is displayed.}

MIKE: I am Worchex.

{Zoom in closer to Mike's side of the virtual table. The card reappears.}

MIKE: Which means that knights cannot repair cottages during my turn.

STRONG BAD: {whispering} Stupid knights.

MIKE: And my item {the card is displayed} is the Ring of Voip, where I can jump with- uh, jump to any tile. And items, you can only use- they have to be recharged to use them a second time. Um, and the recharge is when a cottage or cottage tile is burninated.

{The card disappears.}

STRONG BAD: Okay. And remember, you can only use those powers and items on your own- on your turn. Right, Mike?

MIKE: That's right. Use it on your turn, and the items you can only use once per turn.

STRONG BAD: Unless otherwise notèd.

MIKE: Yeah. Who's next?

MAGGIE: All right. I am the... {Keeper card is displayed} Galgabudge?


MAGGIE: Galgabudge. Uh, you may treat mountain tiles as if they were also tunnels. And my shirt says "Go Troggie!". Think I can fly? I think I'm a bird.

{Mike laughs. Maggie giggles. Strong Bad smiles.}

MAGGIE: Things are over.

CHRIS: Think you're... a goat-being thing.

MAGGIE: I think you're a goat-being thing.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, those are- those are Fedlocks. Those are cloven hooves.

ALEX: I mean, obviously, you're a Galgabudge.

{Maggie giggles.}

STRONG BAD: Exactly.

ALEX: Yeah.

MAGGIE: Exactly.

STRONG BAD: Didn't you read the Lore Manual before you started to playing this?

MAGGIE: I also have Two Gross Beans. {the card is displayed} Uh, I can use them to gain action points. And my recharge is when Trogdor visits a forest tile. Delicious.

STRONG BAD: All right.

MIKE: Okay. Next?

{The card for Cranjegg is displayed.}

ALEX: All right, I am... Cranjegg. And I may move diagonally because I cheat.

MIKE: Okay.

ALEX: And I {item card is displayed} also have Ye Flask of Dennis, Use: When you burninate a peasant, add that peasant to Trogdor's health. Recharge: When Trogdor visits the lake.

STRONG BAD: That's a sweet deal. Normally the peasants...

MIKE: {nodding} That's-that's one. That's a fine power.

StRONG BAD: ...go into the void.

ALEX: Yeah.

{The Void card is brought to the table.}

CHRIS: I am, uh, {Keeper card is displayed} Brovelade. {pronounced Bro-veh-LAHD} Uh, I guess that's how you say that. But um...

STRONG BAD: Sure. Close enough.

CHRIS: Peasants- Close enough. Peasants cannot repair burninated tiles during my turn.

{The Void card is displayed. It is set down back on the virtual table.}

STRONG BAD: All right.

CHRIS: Cool.

MIKE: Okay, That's good.

STRONG BAD: That's valuable.

CHRIS: And I have the {item card is displayed} Disk of Healing, which is a, uh, return a peasant from The Void to Trogdor's health.

MAGGIE: Ooh, that's a good one.

CHRIS: And it doesn't have a recharge. Yeah, ooh.

MIKE: Yeah.

CHRIS: No recharge, that's awesome.

MIKE: Only one time. That's great.

CHRIS: Sweet.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, the recharge- {The Disk of Healing is displayed again} that actually means uh, we changed that in the reprint of the game. It doesn't just say "none", it says "one time use only".

CHRIS: Oh. Only one use. Gotcha.

STRONG BAD: Exactly, yeah.

CHRIS: I was gonna say, that's really good.

STRONG BAD: Exactly. It's a being- I mean, the game would be pretty easy,

{The Disk is displayed again.}

CHRIS: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: All right, and I am Yubbitz. {Card is displayed} I may trade action cards with other players, either on their turn or mine.


STRONG BAD: So I'm one of the only Keepers that can do stuff not on their turns. SO everybody always paying attention to what I'm holding. I have {Item card is displayed} Distracto's Pouch! Which I wanted to name Distracto's Paunch, but they wouldn't let me.

MIKE: {laughing} They!

STRONG BAD: Uh, yeah. "They" meaning Mike and James. {Maggie laughs} They'd uh... staged a mutiny. The Paunch Mutiny of 2016, as we call it.

{Maggie laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Uh, after the movement card is drawn, if I do not like the direction of the peasant movement, I may move them in a different direction. And the recharge is when Trogdor takes damage.

MIKE: Fantastic.

Fun Facts

  • The YouTube description for this video is "Join us as we burninate the countryside in Trogdor! with special guests the Brothers Chaps!!!"

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