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|If someone has breath mints and shares them with everyone.
|If someone has breath mints and shares them with everyone.
==="Turn Steps" Card===
'''Turn Steps'''
#DRAW a card from the<br>Trogdeck
#Take your ACTIONS
#DRAW a card from the<br>Movement Deck
#SPAWN a Peasant?
#MOVE Peasants
#MOVE Knights
#MOVE Archer & Shoot
==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[Meeple Character Variations]]
*[[Meeple Character Variations]]
[[Category:Trogdor!! The Board Game]][[Category:Items]]
[[Category:Trogdor!! The Board Game]][[Category:Items]]

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Trogdor!! The Board Game comes with many items, such as game pieces, tiles, and cards.


Game Pieces

Meeple Miniature Name Role Amount
Trogdor The controllable main character. Controlled by every player, with the ability to burninate tiles, peasants, and cottages. Alternate dragon meeples can be used in its place. 1
Peasants The player must burninate or eat them all. They move once each turn, sometimes repair tiles, and occasionally spawn at cottages. If burninated, they spread a path of burnination and cause chain reactions with other peasants. If eaten, they add to Trogdor's health. 7
Flame Helmet It may be put on a peasant when it is burninated. It does not contribute to gameplay. 1
Thatched-Roof Cottage The player must burninate all three. The surrounding area must be burninated before the cottage itself. Peasants can respawn at unburninated cottages. 3
Knights They hurt Trogdor if they are on the same tile. They make three to five moves each turn and repair cottages. 2
Archers They hurt Trogdor if Trogdor is on the same row or column as the archers when they shoot. They shoot along and opposite the direction of their last movement. They make three to five moves each turn. 1
Troghammer The third knight. It comes into the game when the player draws a Troghammer card, which are shuffled into the deck upon Trogdor's first damage. He moves every time a movement card or Troghammer card is drawn. 1


Images Description Amount Notes
Cottage 3 Cottages are placed on these three tiles. The tiles themselves can be burninated like any other tile, but the cottage must be surrounded by burnination in every direction before it can be burninated.
Green tree 4
Mountains 2 Trogdor can use an action point to hide from enemies during their actions here.
Orange tree 3
Tunnel 2 Trogdor can use an action to burrow from one Tunnel tile to the other.
Tree stump 2 The "Stump and Rock" card allows the player four more Action points if they burninate one of these tiles.
Forest 4
Boulders 2 The "Stump and Rock" card allows the player four more Action points if they burninate one of these tiles.
Flowers 2 The "Smell the Daisies" card allows the player three more Action points if they end their turn on one of these tiles.
Lake 1 The Lake extinguishes burninated Peasants. Tiles orthogonally adjacent to the Lake must be burninated before the Lake can be burninated.


Action Cards

Image Name Description AP Amount in Deck
Trogdor with a burst around him, blocking a knight from entering Block Trogdor can't be hurt by knights or the Archer during their actions on this turn. 4 2
Consummate V's Consummate V's Trogdor gains diagonal movement for this turn. 4 2
Four shaded tiles adjacent to Trogdor being flipped Flip 'em Up Dan After Trogdor's actions, he may burninate up to four orthogonally adjacent tiles. 4 1
Four shaded tiles diagonal to Trogdor being flipped Flip 'em Up Fran After Trogdor's actions, he may burninate up to four diagonally adjacent tiles. 4 1
Trogdor hiding in the mountains Hidey Hole After Trogdor's actions, he may jump to a Mountain tile and hide there for free. 4 1
Trogdor making a peace sign Trog-Burst Behold the field in which I grow my Action Points. See how it is rich in nutrients and loam. 7 2
Trogdor, drawn with dotted lines, behind a knight Invisibility Trogdor can't be hurt by Knights during his actions this turn. (Does not apply to Knights' movement.) 4 2
Jhonka whacking a peasant with a spiked club Jhonka Help Before Trogdor's actions, he may devour any Peasant on the board for free. 5 1
Trogdor in front of the board, surrounded by majesty lines Majesty Before Trogdor's actions, he may burninate any tile on the board for free. 4 2
Trogdor burninating a path of tiles (east, north, east, east) Path o' Burnination Take no actions this turn, even if you have APs. Draw a movement card and burninate everything in that path. (Trogdor does not move) 0 1
Shot Put Shot Put After all Trogdor's actions, he may burninate from up to 2 tiles away, orthogonally or diagonally. Includes Peasants and eligible Cottages! 5 2
Trogdor burninating an adjacent tile Sidewise Once during Trogdor's actions, he may burninate an orthogonally adjacent tile for free. 5 2
Slantwise Slantwise Once during Trogdor's actions, he may burninate a diagonally adjacent tile for free. 5 2
Trogdor surrounded by flowers Smell the Daisies If Trogdor ends this turn on a flower tile, the next player gets 3 extra Action points. 4 2
A stump and rock Stump and Rock Once this turn, if Trogdor burninates a tile with a stump or rock on it, you gain 4 more actions. 4 2
A tunnel Tunnel Warp Before Trogdor's actions, you may swap one Tunnel tile with any other Cottage-free tile. 4 1
Wingaling Wingaling Before Trogdor's actions, he may jump to any space. 4 1
Trogdor on the left side of the board, with an arrow wrapping around to the right side Wraparound Trogdor gains wraparound movement this turn. 5 2

Movement Cards

Peasants Spawned Peasant Movement Movement Path
0 Move South North-North-East-East-North

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Keeper Cards

Some of Strong Bad's Keeper and Item cards
The back of those Keeper and Item cards
Image Name Ability Description
Galgabudge Galgabudge You may treat Mountain tiles as if they were also Tunnels. Don't listen to what their mom says, Galga IS some kind of moleperson. It's not just a stolen mascot costume from a local school. Like at all.
Cranjegg Cranjegg On your turn, Trogdor may move diagonally. Cranjegg is a fortieth-generation Keeper of Trogdor and feels the pressure. He'd rather pursue his dream of homebrewing "artisanal Old Man Rub."
Hegeltha Hegeltha On your turn, Trogdor may also use the hide action on any unburninated Forest tile. Hegeltha joined the Keepers of Trogdor just to get out of the house a couple nights a week. I heard those antler-lanterns are full of peasant teeth. Eww!
Stonklar Stonklar On your turn, Trogdor has wraparound movement. Stonky acts like he can't understand you unless you talk in that backwardsy syntax. "The chicken wings to me please pass." Ugh. That guy.
Worchex Knights cannot repair Cottages during your turn. Worchex has hated Knights since he was refused a high-five at a joust by his fav Knight. Oh, and those wings are just a cool backpack.
Yubbitz You may trade Action cards with other players, either on your turn or theirs. Yubbitz's favorite drink is powdered milk mixed with lemonade, but NOT powdered lemonade mixed with milk. That's gross!
Crangolev On your turn, gain +1 Action Point. Crangolev is the cool older sister of straight-laced archer twins Mendelev and Dongolev. She probably ends sentences by going 'yesss?' a lot.
Brovelade Peasants cannot repair burninated tiles during your turn. Brovelade is the starting toss-monger for the Keepers of Trogdor's official fast-pitch goatball team earning a record of 8 fatalities last season!
Hardybardy You have no special powers. Absolutely none. Hardybardy makes up for his uselessness with cool costumes, pyrotechnics, and a deep, overlordy voice. Available for parties and metal bands.
The for REAL Keepers of Trogdor — use at your own risk!
Strong Bad in a robe with croissant-like horns and an open mouth with fangs and a forked tongue, holding an arrow Lord Pastryhorn of Fangleburg On your turn, Archer arrows kill Peasants in their path but Knights block them. Add any skewered Peasants to the Trog-Meter. None
Strong Mad in a robe with scars on his face, pounding something with his fist the Haunchgurgler On your turn, during Trogdor's actions, he may pound one adjacent Knight in any direction into the ground. Knock over the Knight for this turn only, and don't move the Knight this turn. None
The Cheat making a mildly nervous expression, surrounded by "majesty" lines Just The Cheat Duh, you can cheat. What this means exactly is up to you. None
100% EXTRA BEST Keeper of Trogdor — Use at your own risk!
Pom Pom with a robe, an afro with chicken feet coming out of it, and a black beard shaped like two forks Staplength von Forkbeard You may skip the first step of any or all Knights' movement path. None
Senor Cardgage's head with tentacles and a puddle below them Prentilimost When drawing your action card, you may choose from the top 3 cards in the discard pile. Once used, discard to the BOTTOM of the discard pile. None

Item Cards

Image Name Use Recharge
A flask Ye Flask of Dennis For the rest of your turn, any burninated Peasants that would go to the Void are added to Trogdor's health instead. When Trogdor visits the Lake.
A pouch Distracto's Pouch After you draw a Movement card, you may choose the direction of the Peasant movement. When Trogdor hides.
That Dog Tennis Ball Thing, 'cept with Fireballs That Dog Tennis Ball Thing, 'cept with Fireballs Burninate any tile or eligible Cottage. When Trogdor visits the corner store. I mean tile. Any corner tile.
Ring of Voip Ring of Voip Teleport Trogdor to any tile. When a Cottage or Cottage tile is burninated.
Two Gross Beans Two Gross Beans Gain +2 Action Points. When Trogdor visits the center tile.
A cracked stone shaped like a diskette Disk of Healing Return a Peasant from the Void to the Trog-Meter. None
Shield of Cumberdale Shield of Cumberdale Prevent Trogdor from taking a point of damage from a Knight. When Trogdor gains health.
The Super Trinket from Peasant's Quest Super Trinket Prevent Trogdor from taking a point of damage from the Archer. When Trogdor visits the Archer or vice versa.
Various baubles and gems Baubles of Astray During Trogdor's actions, move a Knight to an empty tile. When Trogdor visits a Tunnel.
#1 way ^way better Items of Trogdor — use at your own risk!
An oozing tube of ointment reading "RUB" Old Man Rub Trogdor, Peasants, Knights, and the Archer are all slathered up with Old Man Rub. For the whole game, on everyone's turns, they automatically use Tunnels for free when they land on them. Doesn't need one. But if you want, perform a 30 second infomercial for Old Man Rub.
A keyswordtar Keyswordtar On your turn, if any Knight crosses paths with Trogdor during their movements, go get a six-sided die from some other board game. If you roll a 4 or higher, you block the attack! If bagels happen.
A floatation device with Trogdor's head and beefy arm Trog Floaty Before Trogdor's actions, teleport Trogdor and one Peasant to the lake for a pool party. When somebody takes a bath... Okay, fine. Or a shower.
SUPER-GREAT Item of Trogdor — Use at your own risk!
An open, spilt bottle of hot sauce with a flaming knight's foot on it Hot Greaves Sauce If Trogdor ends his turn adjacent to a Knight, he may light said jerk's foot on fire. On that Knight's next movement, they burninate all tiles AND cottages in their path! (but not peasants) If ANY player burninates four or more tiles in one turn.
Trogdor breathing fire into a tunnel Lozenge of Tunnel Breath When Trogdor is on a Tunnel tile, he may burninate THROUGH the Tunnel for free, burninating the other Tunnel tile (if applicable) PLUS any one tile adjacent to that Tunnel in any direction. If someone has breath mints and shares them with everyone.

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