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The photo from @StrongBadActual
The unfinished box art
This article is about the board game. For other uses, see Trogdor (disambiguation).

Trogdor!! is an upcoming board game adaptation of TROGDOR!, made by The Brothers Chaps and James Ernest. It will be put on Kickstarter in July 2018, and will be available six to nine months later. The prototype is currently finished. The box art (by Chris Schweizer) says the game is for two to six players, from ages six to sixty, although the creator implies that this is mostly filler text. The game is said to be made by Boardelectrix. The item prototypes are 3D-printed and painted, but the final versions will be sculpted by Rick Van Velsor, the person who sculpted the collectible figurines.

On September 29, 2017, Strong Bad posted a cottage being 3D-printed on his Instagram account, the first indication of the board game. He later posted a CG model of Trogdor being rendered. After that, he posted small pictures of the game board. A "Slantwise" card was revealed on January 24, 2018, in The Deleteheads Download Vol. 1. The game was confirmed on March 19, 2018, by both the Index Page and the @StrongBadActual Twitter account, with a photo of the board. More cards were revealed on @StrongBadActual the same day in a reply. It was playable every day from 12 PM to 2 PM in Kickstarter Couchland (room 103) of PAX East. During The Brothers Chaps' panel at PAX East, they revealed much more information about it. It will likely be playable in Georgia at some point in the future.



It is a cooperative game in which each player controls Trogdor, assuming the role of a Keeper of Trogdor. Each Keeper has unique powers and items, both decided by cards. The goal is to burninate all of the game tiles, thatched-roof cottages, and peasants. The board game is a 5-by-5 grid of green square tiles with rounded edges. The game tiles resemble locations in Peasantry, such as rocks, tree stumps, tunnels, mountains, yellow trees, berry bushes, orange trees, flowers, fenced-off areas, Kerrek's footprints, and a lake. The tiles can be burninated by flipping them over, and the burninated side is black and fiery. The cottages can be burninated by flipping the roof, which has a flame underneath. The peasants can be burninated by putting a flaming helmet on them, and they leave a flaming path when they're moved.

There are three cottages on the board, and one peasant on each cottage tile. Before a cottage is burninated, the surrounding tiles must be burninated. If an unburninated peasant walks into a burninated cottage or another burninated peasant, the unburninated peasant is burninated. The player has a choice to eat or burninate peasants (although a peasant can't be eaten until its tile has been burninated). If a peasant is burninated, it leaves a flaming trail around the board before disappearing. If a peasant is eaten, it will be added to the "The Bowels of Trogdor", which represents Trogdor's health. It starts with four peasants, but can hold up to seven. If Trogdor is hurt, a peasant will be removed (causing his health to decrease). If the Bowels of Trogdor decreases to zero, the game is over, and the players have one last chance to try to destroy everything. Trogdor can be harmed by the two knights, and the archers Mendelev and Dongolev. After three "Trog-Hammer" cards are drawn from the Action card pile, a third knight comes out and makes the game more difficult. The Trog-Hammer knight is placed in the center of the board. If a knight is already occupying that space, a movement card is drawn and the first knight is moved immediately.

Each player starts with one Action card. Each turn, the player draws another Action card, and chooses between using their banked card or their new card. If the banked card is chosen, the new card becomes the banked card. Each Action card has a number of "action points" and a special ability (for example, moving diagonally). Action points can be used to move, burninate the tile Trogdor occupies, or use the Action card ability. Trogdor can only move one tile at a time, and can't move diagonally (without a specific Action card). If Trogdor is on a mountain tile, he can use an Action point to hide in the mountains (with the Trogdor game piece lying down). If Trogdor is on a tunnel tile, he can use an Action point to warp to the other cave.

After each turn, the player draws a movement card. Each movement card has directions for unburninated peasants (usually one or two moves, such as "north" or "north, west"), and directions for burninated peasants, knights, and archers (three or four moves, such as "north, east, north" or "west, south, south, west"). If a peasant, knight, or archer reaches the end of the board, they wrap around to the other side. When the archers' movement is finished, they shoot arrows from all four sides, hurting Trogdor if he is in the same row or column as the archers, but not harming peasants or knights. Trogdor is not harmed if he is on the same tile as the archers when they shoot. Peasants can regenerate at unburninated cottages (taken from the Bowels of Trogdor) if the number of peasants on the movement card is higher than the number of peasants on the board. If a movement card has a green arrow and says "move and repair", peasants and knights can repair any burninated cottage tiles they land on. If a movement card has a red arrow, burninated cottages aren't repaired.


Action Cards

Image Name Description AP
Consummate V's Consummate V's Trogdor
has diagonal
movement for
this turn!
Unknown Extra Actions Description unknown. The player gets seven actions. 7
Four shaded tiles adjacent to Trogdor being flipped Flip 'em Up Dan! After all Trogdor's
actions, you may flip
all 4 adjacent tiles,
regardless of their
burnination status.
Four shaded tiles diagonal to Trogdor being flipped Flip 'em Up Fran! After all Trogdor's
actions, you may flip
all 4 diagonal tiles,
regardless of their
burnination status.
Trogdor, drawn with dotted lines, behind a knight Invisibility! Trogdor can't be
hurt by Knights
during his actions.
Does not apply to
Knights' movement.
Unknown Jhonka Help Description unknown. Jhonka squishes any peasant on the board, regardless of their location. 6
Trogdor in front of the board, surrounded by majesty lines Majesty! 1 AP: Burninate
any tile on the
Trogdor burninating a path of tiles (east, east, north, east, east) Path o' Burnination Skip the whole turn!
Draw one movement
card to give Trogdor
a burnination path.
He burns only tiles.
Unknown Sidewise Description unknown. Trogdor can burninate an adjacent tile. 6
Slantwise! Slantwise! At any point during actions,
burninate a diagonal
tile. Not an action
Trogdor surrounded by flowers Smell the Daisies If Trogdor ends
this turn on a
flower tile, the next
player gets 3 extra
action points.
Trogdor floating over the board, with a cloud on each side of him Wingaling Before Trogdor's
actions, you may
jump to any space
on the board.
Trogdor on the left side of the board, with an arrow wrapping around to the right side Wraparound Trogdor has
movement for
this turn!

Keeper Cards

Name Description
Brovelade Peasants can not repair
burninated tiles
on your turn.
Galgabudge You can move diagonally, and
you are immune to damage
from the Archer.
Yubbitz You can trade Action cards
with other players, either
on your turn or theirs.
Unknown Description unknown. Trogdor can hide on any tile, as opposed to just mountains.
Unknown Description unknown. Trogdor can wrap around the board, like peasants, knights, and archers.
Unknown Description unknown. Peasants can be added to the Bowels of Trogdor after being burninated.

Item Cards

Image Name Use Recharge
A firey ball Ball of Fire Burninate any tile
on the board
When a peasant
repairs a burninated tile
A pair of dice Bones of Luckman You get +1 Action points Unknown
Armor Pauldrons of Greg Prevent Trogdor from
taking one damage
When Trogdor
devours a peasant

"Turn Steps" Card

Turn Steps
  1. DRAW a card from the
  2. Take your ACTIONS
  3. DRAW a card from the
    Movement Deck
  4. SPAWN a Peasant?
  5. MOVE Peasants
  6. MOVE Knights
  7. MOVE Archer & Shoot
  8. SAVOR the HAVOC

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