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This article is about the list of all toons. For the toons menu itself, see TV Time Toons Menu. For the list of toons in order by release date, see All Toons.
The new stuff menu

The Toons are a central part of the Homestar Runner body of work. Most cartoons that don't fall under the category of Strong Bad Emails are listed here. So have fun in your living room!

The toons list features the toon's name, a 3-letter abbreviation relating to the toon, a brief description, the toon's length and release year, and a brief animated preview that appears on the TeeBee when you hover over each title.


Menu Toons

Big Toons

Screenshot Name Channel ID Description Length Year Preview
10000[[Image:{{{img}}}|75px]] [[{{{name}}}]] {{{chan}}} {{{desc}}} {{{time}}} {{{date}}} [[HR:menuswfs/menu_{{{prev}}}.swf|Preview]]
10001 2 Part Episode: Part 2 (RAM) The Ramshankle Straight Topplegangin' y'all 5:10 2009 Preview
10002 2 Part Episode: Part 1 (BEF) (Bureau of Elite Fighting Forces) Flashfight finally shows up! 4:10 2009 Preview
10003 Kick-A-Ball (KAB) (Kick A Ball) Fair ups, no ghostmen, full pegs, kickball! 5:24 2009 Preview
10004 Career Day (SCF) (Space Captain Face) Are aluminum foil pants a career? 4:25 2009 Preview
10005 DNA Evidence (DNA) (DNA evidence) Strong Sad gets to the bottom of all this mess. 5:35 2007 Preview
10006 Date Nite (D8N) (Leetspeak for Date Nite) Are Marzi and Homestar finally going on a date? 4:17 2007 Preview
10007 Strongest Man in the World (SMW) (Strongest Man in the World) A re-telling of the old classic. 4:25 2006 Preview
10008 Weclome Back (WCM) (Weclome) What I did on my summer vacation. 4:37 2006 Preview
10009 A Folky Tale (DMP) (Saddy Dumpington) Strong Sad tries to get out of gym class. 4:10 2005 Preview
10010 Cool Things (KUL) (misspelling of "cool") Homestar writes on the wall. Bubs is closed. 4:00 2005 Preview
10011 Bug In Mouth Disease (BUG) (Bug in Mouth Disease) Homestar swallowed a bug? 5:10 2005 Preview
10012 Shopping for Danger (DOZ) (Cheat Commandos) Blue Laser goes shopping. 4:56 2004 Preview
10013 Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon (SBJ) (Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon) Strong Bad gets pinched. 6:00 2004 Preview
10014 Parsnips A-Plenty (PAP) (Parsnips A-Plenty) The first Homestar talkie. 2:38 1936 (2002) Preview
10015 Where's The Cheat? (CHT) (The Cheat) Strong Bad can't find the Cheat. 6:18 2002 Preview
10016 The Luau (CFB) (Crap for brains) Marzipan and Strong Bad's parties face off. 5:36 2001 Preview
10017 A Jorb Well Done (JOB) (The word Coach Z attempts to say) Coach Z's accent gets out of hand. 4:00 2001 Preview
10018 The Reddest Radish (RED) (The Reddest Radish) More like the Biggest Radish. 2:23 2000 Preview
10019 In Search of the Yello Dello (QLO) (The Quest for the Yello Dello) Homestar seeks hot bird. DVD. 3:32 2000 Preview
10020 The King of Town DVD (KOT) (The King of Town) KOT loses sleep over sheep. DVD. 1:26 2000 Preview


Screenshot Name Channel ID Description Length Year Preview
10000 On Break (ONB) (On Break) The plight of the lowly, smelly mascot guy. 2:24 2009 Preview
10001 Compy Catalog (CMP) (Compy) Choosey Strong Bad choose Compy! 3:13 2009 Preview
10002 Where My Hat Is At? (HAT) (Where My Hat Is At?) The HTML classic comes to life! 3:48 2009 Preview
10003 Loading Screens (LOD) (Loading) You can't believe this cartoon. 2:05 2009 Preview
10004 79 Seconds Left (79S) (79 Seconds) HSR and Strong Sad run outta time. 0:79 2009 Preview
10005 Pistols for Pandas (P4P) (Pistols 4 Pandas) Crack Stuntman shills for rllz! 2:02 2009 Preview
10006 Where U Goin' 2? (CHE) (The Cheat) A day in the life of a lackey. 2:40 2009 Preview
10007 Donut Unto Others (NUT) (Donut) See Homestar go nuts for guesswhat. 3:56 2009 Preview
10008 4 Gregs (GRG) (Gregs) The spin-off no one was asking for! 3:20 2009 Preview
10009 Best Caper Ever (BCE) (Best Caper Ever) Does it count if you can't remember? 2:43 2009 Preview
10010 Coach Z's 110% (110) (110%) Get the scrimmage you DESERVE! 1:42 2008 Preview
10011 Place ya bets! (DEL) (Deleteheads) The Deleteheads bet on SBemail 200! 1:30 2008 Preview
10012 The Next Epi-Snowed (SNW) (SNoW) Crack Stuntman abuses his power! 4:10 2008 Preview
10013 The Baloneyman (TBM) (The Baloneyman) Nothing refreshes like some hot sammich. 2:48 2008 Preview
10014 Somber Vacation (SOM) (Somber) Strong Sad vacays at the beach? 2:11 2008 Preview
10015 Play Date (PDT) (Play Date) A meeting of the minds... and on the mound! 2:46 2008 Preview
10016 The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw (CRW) (Craw) He does. 3:00 2008 Preview
10017 Limozeen Live! (practice) (LZL) (Limozeen Live) Limozeen practices for an upcoming gig! 1:53 2008 Preview
10018 Blubb-O's Commercial (BLB) (Blubb-o's) You'll love it! If you can find it! 1:50 2008 Preview
10019 Limozeen vs. Sloshy (LVS) (Limozeen vs. Sloshy) Split Seven-inch Action! 6:10 2007 Preview
10020 Quality Time (QLT) (Quality Time) It's cardboard Homestar's turn! 1:48 2007 Preview
10021 Ever And More! (HLM) (Helmets) The Broternal Order comes to order! 2:50 2007 Preview
10022 One Two, One Two (121) (1, 2, 1, 2) The rhythm fit to getcha. 1:31 2007 Preview
10023 Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene (169) (Sbemail 169) A big deal for a little scene. 1:15 2007 Preview
10024 An Important Rap Song (2MK) (2 Many Knives) Crack Stuntman drops science. 2:01 2007 Preview
10025 Drive-Thru (EUR) (Europa) Sever your leg please, sir. 2:19 2007 Preview
10026 KOT's VOQPCS! (KVO) (KOT's VOQPCS) Let the King have some. The first of any! 2:54 2007 Preview
10027 No Hands On Deck! (DEK) (Deck) Area Man To Build Deck 3:07 2006 Preview
10028 Summer Short Shorts (SSS) (Summer Short Shorts) Short styles for short clothing 2:52 2006 Preview
10029 Sbemail 150?!? (150) (Sbemail 150?!?) Is Strong Bad getting cold feet? 1:45 2006 Preview
10030 500 The Cheats (500) (500 The Cheats) Watch him shimmie and shake! 0:32 2006 Preview
10031 Strong Bad is a Bad Guy (GUY) (Strong Bad is a Bad Guy) Talkin' about tattoos. 1:44 2005 Preview
10032 Sick Day (SIK) (Sick Day) There's somethin' goin' around. 1:43 2005 Preview
10033 Commandos in the Classroom (P2T) (Peer-2-Teen) Edutainment at its finest! 4:15 2005 Preview
10034 TrogdorCon '97 (CON) (TrogdorCon '97) SB and the Cheat get a booth at the con. 3:10 2005 Preview
10035 The Li'l Brudder Show (LIL) (Li'l Brudder) King o' the dregs, minus 3 legs! 2:00 2005 Preview
10036 Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer (QST) (Peasant's Quest) Real Life Adventure!! 3:00 2005 Preview
10037 Peasant's Quest Preview (PQT) (Peasant's Quest Trailer) Coming soon from Videlectrix. 1:10 2004 Preview
10038 Experimental Film (FLM) (Experimental Film) Strong Sad & The Cheat direct a video. 3:00 2004 Preview
10039 Senor Mortgage (SCM) (Senor Cardgage Mortgage) Wait. Is Senor Cardgage real?! 1:22 2004 Preview
10040 Cheat Commandos...O's (CCO) (Cheat Commandos O's) Ridiculous breakfast. 2:13 2004 Preview
10041 The Cheatar (TAR) (Cheatar) The Cheat opens up a can of peas. 0:54 2004 Preview
10042 Cheat Commandos (CHT) (Cheat Commandos) Buy all our playsets and toys. 1:03 2004 Preview
10043 Mr. Shmallow (toon) (LOW) (Mr. Shmallow) He's no apothecary. 1:03 2003 Preview
10044 Ballad of The Sneak (SNK) (The Sneak) The #1 Summer Jam from 1936. 2:05 2003 Preview
10045 Lookin at a Thing in a Bag (BAG) (Lookin at a Thing in a Bag) 4 drinks for 4 cool guys. 3:50 2003 Preview
10046 Arcade Game (ARC) (Arcade) Strong Bad gets a Trogdor arcade game. 1:44 2003 Preview
10047 20X6 vs. 1936 (2X6) (20X6) Stinkoman meets Old Timey Homestar. 1:55 2003 Preview
10048 The System is Down (YHO) (Yahoo) Strong Bad broke the Internet. 1:06 2003 Preview
10049 Meet Marshie (PUF) (Fluffy Puff) America's favorite marshmallow. 0:56 2002 Preview
10050 The Interview (INT) (Interview) Strong Bad interviews Homestar. 2:47 2002 Preview
10051 Fluffy Puff Commercial (FLF) (Fluffy Puff) Homestar blows his lines. 2:24 2001 Preview
10052 Theme Song Video (HSR) (Homestar Runner) Home Star Run Go. 1:00 2000 Preview
10053 Kick the Can (CAN) (Kick the Can) Early, silent Homestar cartoons. 0:22 each 2000 Preview
10054 Strong Bad Sings (SBS) (Strong Bad Sings) K-Tel Records presents! 1:42 2000 Preview

Holiday Toons

Screenshot Name Channel ID Description Length Year Preview
10000 April Fool 09 (FUL) (A misspelling of "fool") The ancient intro gets sbemailiarized 1:26 2009 Preview
10001 A Death-Defying Decemberween (DDD) (Death-Defying Decemberween) Enter the Steep Deep! 5:27 2008 Preview
10002 Twenty THANXty Six (0X6) (20X6) Watch 1-Up while he does work! 2:14 2008 Preview
10003 Fan Costumes '08 (TUM) (Costume) They make a COST out of U and Me! 3:15 2008 Preview
10004 Most in the Graveyard (SHP) (Carnivorous Undead Sheep) Hijinx in the cemetary! Boo, I say! 6:25 2008 Preview
10005 Costume Commercial (COS) (Costume Commercial) Available at crappy drug stores. 2:11 2008 Preview
10006 Rotten Eggs (EGZ) (Rotten Eggs) Remember where you hid thems! 0:40 2008 Preview
10007 Sickly Sam's Big Outing (SBO) (Sickly Sam's Big Outing) Ol' Bone Legged has a hot date. 4:47 2008 Preview
10008 Sloshybowl (AFB) (American football) The only way Strong Sad will watch football. 1:33 2008 Preview
10009 Trogday 08 (S4S) (The S is for Sucks dragon) Strong Bad celebrates his cherished drawing. 2:15 2008 Preview
10010 Happy Dethemberween (DTH) (Dethemberween) SB explains the D'ween for us. 2:51 2007 Preview
10011 Toikey TV (THX) (Thanksgiving) SB tries to watch not football on the Thanks. 2:30 2007 Preview
10012 Fan Costumes '07 (TUM) (Costumes) SB unloads on the new batch. 4:08 2007 Preview
10013 Jibblies 2 (JBZ) (Jibblies) Come on in here indeed! 6:44 2007 Preview
10014 Decemberween Short Shorts (DSS) (Decemberween Short Shorts) Bite-size holiday chunks! 6:05 2006 Preview
10015 Let us give TANKS! (TNK) (Tanks/Thanks) Blue Laser hosts, Gunhaver roasts. 5:00 2006 Preview
10016 Fan Costumes '06 (COS) (Costumes) You send em in and he rags you out. 4:05 2006 Preview
10017 Happy Hallow-day (DAY) (Happy Hallow-Day) Ween night is M.I.A. Galang galang. 5:18 2006 Preview
10018 Happy Trogday (3RD) (3rd Anniversary of dragon) A fanstuff salute. Stinkoman is not amused. 1:49 2006 Preview
10019 Fall Float Parade (FAL) (Fall Float Parade) Coach Z and Marzy host a parade! 3:28 2005 Preview
10020 More Fan Costumes (TUM) (Costumes) SB rags on his loyal fans again. 3:05 2005 Preview
10021 Halloween Potion-ma-jig (JIG) (Halloween Potion-ma-jig) Spooky Woods! Creepy Cliffs! 6:00 2005 Preview
10022 Happy Fireworks (BAM) (The sound fireworks make) Strong Bad ruins Christmas. Wait, what? 1:30 2005 Preview
10023 Senorial Day (SNR) (Senorial Day) Senor Cardgage and Bubs face off! 2:50 2005 Preview
10024 PAY PLUS! (FUL) (Misspelling of "Fool") The website finally comes to its senses. 0:00 2005 Preview
10025 Homestar Presents: Presents (GBO) (Grabbo-Arm) Homestar forgets to go Decemberween shopping. 4:20 2004 Preview
10026 Snowglobe (DSH) (Rather Dashing) Happy Decemberween from Videlectrix. 1:00 2004 Preview
10027 Halloween Fairstival (HIC) (Hiccups) The Cheat can't ditch the hiccups. 6:05 2004 Preview
10028 That A Ghost (OLD) (Old-Timey) Homestar looks for a ghost. 4:00 1937 (2004) Preview
10029 Decemberween In July (DIJ) (Decemberween In July) Several stocking stuffers. 0:00 2004 Preview
10030 Under Construction (APR) (April Fools) Stinkoman saves April Fool. 1:47 2004 Preview
10031 3 Times Halloween Funjob (JOB) (3 Times Halloween Funjob) Marzipan contacts the dead. 6:00 2003 Preview
10032 Fan Costume Commentary (FAN) (Fan Costume Commentary) SB rags on his loyal fans. 2:28 2003 Preview
10033 Malloween Commercial (MAL) (Malloween Commercial) Marshie goes off the deep end. 1:40 2003 Preview
10034 Superbowl Dealie (SUP) (Superbowl Dealie) Football makes a good excuse. 0:39 2003 Preview
10035 A Decemberween Pageant (PAG) (A Decemberween Pageant) The gang puts on a weird play. 4:23 2002 Preview
10036 Pumpkin Carve-nival (CRV) (Pumpkin Carve-nival) Everybody carves pumpkins. 5:32 2002 Preview
10037 The Best Decemberween Ever (XMS) (Xmas, abbreviation for Christmas) Homestar gives gifts. 4:43 2001 Preview
10038 Some Stupid Turkey (TKY) (Some Stupid Turkey) Strong Bad gives thanks. 0:39 2001 Preview
10039 The House That Gave Sucky Treats (SUK) (The House That Gave Sucky Treats) Trick/Treat. 4:00 2001 Preview
10040 A Mother's Day Message (MOM) (As in Mother's Day) Strong Bad loses a bet. 1:29 2001 Preview
10041 A Holiday Greeting (OHO) (O Holy Crap) Strong Bad offends everybody. 1:38 2000 Preview
10042 Homestarloween Party (HWN) (Homestarloween Party) Costume Party!!. 5:04 2000 Preview

Puppet Stuff

Screenshot Name Channel ID Description Length Year Preview
10000 Dangeresque: Puppet Squad (DPS) (Dangeresque: Puppet Squad) Puppets on patrol! 2:10 2008 Preview
10001 Marshie vs. Little Girl (MVL) (Marshie vs. Little Girl) Witness the horror! 2:22 2007 Preview
10002 Homestar vs. Other Little Girl (OLG) (Other Little Girl) Homestar needs classes. 1:25 2005 Preview
10003 Biz Cas Fri 3 (FRI) (Biz Cas Fri) Remember to back up your files. 2:10 2005 Preview
10004 Biz Cas Fri 2 (CAS) (Biz Cas Fri) This one goes out to all my shareholdas. 2:00 2005 Preview
10005 Biz Cas Fri 1 (BIZ) (Biz Cas Fri) Revenge of the Office Dullard. 1:50 2005 Preview
10006 Strong Bad vs. Little Girl! (SVG) (Strong Bad vs. Little Girl!) SB faces off against LG. 1:08 2005 Preview
10007 Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 (HVG) (Homestar vs. Little Girl 2) Little girl be's cute. 1:07 2004 Preview
10008 Labor Dabor (LAB) (Labor Dabor) The Homestarmy regulates. 2:00 2004 Preview
10009 Puppet Jam: Mission Control (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:06 2005 Preview
10010 Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:10 2004 Preview
10011 Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:11 2004 Preview
10012 Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes (JAM) (Puppet Jam) HSR vs. TMBG. 1:14 2004 Preview
10013 Puppet Time (PUP) (Puppet Time) Homestar "borrows" stuff from Strong Bad. 1:11 2004 Preview
10014 Everybody Knows It (EKI) (Everybody Knows It) Puppet Homestar sings. 1:02 2003 Preview

Powered by The Cheat

Screenshot Name Channel ID Description Length Year Preview
10000 Trudgemank (MNK) (Trudgemank) Are you down with the Trudgemank? 1:47 2008 Preview
10001 Rap Song (PCP) (Peacey P) Coach Z accidentally featuring Peacey P. 2:40 2007 Preview
10002 New Boots (BTS) (New Boots) The Cheat gets some new boots. Hi-five. 2:35 2004 Preview
10003 Mile (MIL) (Mile) The Cheat guest-authors a SBemail. 2:40 2003 Preview
10004 Crazy Cartoon (CZY) (Crazy Cartoon) I guess the Cheat deserves a trophy. 1:12 2003 Preview
10005 Everybody to the Limit (FHQ) (Fhqwhgads) The #1 Summer Jam. 1:56 2002 Preview
10006 The Cheat Theme Song (CHT) (The Cheat) The Cheat directs his own video. 1:56 2002 Preview

New Stuff

This list only contains items that do not appear in the menu's other pages. For the complete list, see New Stuff.

Screenshot Name Channel ID Description Length Year Preview
1 Hremail 7 (HSE) (Homestar Runner Email) Don't stave-o! Savo all your favo flavos! 3:51 2009 Preview
2 Sbemailiarized! (SZD) (Sbemailiarized!) Oh man this great new idea though! 2:46 2009 Preview
3 Hremail 2000 (HSE) (Homestar Runner Email) Let Homestar SHOE you the way! 3:09 2009 Preview
4 Hremail 62 (HSE) (Homestar Runner Email) Homestar grows some cultures. 3:06 2009 Preview
5 Workin' on the Game (TRX) (Videlectrix) Good Graphics are hard to find. 0:30 2008 Preview
6 SBCG4AP (WII) (It's a preview of a Nintendo Wii game.) Strong Bad shows off his new videogame. 2:00 2008 Preview


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Special Cartoons

Other toons not featured on the toon menu.

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