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*[[A Jumping Jack Contest]]
*[[A Jumping Jack Contest]]
*[[Puppet Jam: Mission Control]]
*[[Puppet Jam: Mission Control]]
*[[Happy T]]
== DVD-Exclusive Toons ==
== DVD-Exclusive Toons ==

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The current Toons Menu

The Toons are glorious and magnificent—the most wondrous part of the entire Homestar Runner website! There are some great Homestar Runner toons to watch, and this page lists them all. So have fun in your living room!


Menu Toons

Big Toons


Powered by The Cheat

Puppet Stuff

Holiday Toons


Special Cartoons

Other toons not featured on the toon menu.


Early Flash


Cartoons that Left

Toons taken off the site for unknown reasons.

DVD-Exclusive Toons

Toons and videos exclusive to the strongbad_email.exe DVD set. (Note: for a list of DVD-exclusive emails, please check the Strong Bad Email section.)

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