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[edit] Synonyms

The game has a built in list of synonyms that allow different words to be used for the same command. For example, "look coins" and "look gold" would have the same effect, as "coins" and "gold" are synonyms.

[edit] General

  • stuff, things, junk, items
  • go in, enter
  • attack, kill, assault, maul, punch, kick
  • talk, speak, converse
  • go, walk, travel, run
  • take, get, acquire, grab
  • give, offer, gift
  • door, doorway
  • inv, inventory, stuff
  • blood, catsup, ketchup, condiment
  • glove, gauntlet
  • gold, coin, coins, money
  • remove, take off, drop
  • floor, ground, earth
  • store, shoppe, building, joint

[edit] Spike Room

  • ropes, rope, twine, binding, string
  • skeleton, skull
  • claws, claw

[edit] Crossroads

  • crossroads, roads, crossroad, road
  • bushes, bush, tree, trees, flora
  • grass, weeds

[edit] Sanctum

  • pedastal, pedastel, pedastle, pedestle
  • column, columns, pillar, pillars {only when in sanctum the first time}

[edit] Outside Monastery

  • monastery, monestary, monastary, church, chapel, steeple, building, house
  • rock, stone, rocks, stones, pebbles

[edit] Inside Monastery/Cauldron

  • monastery, church, chapel, steeple, building, house
  • stein, stien, mug, cup, beer, drink
  • cauldron, caldron, pot
  • monk, friar, dude, guy, man, fatty, fatman, gordo, mound
  • ham, meat, food {inside monastery only}
  • potatoes, carrots, vegetables, chunks, food, potato, carrot, stew, broth {in cauldron only}

[edit] Overlook

  • cart, wagon, wheelbarrow
  • guy, dude, person, man, vcd
  • village, westerberg, westerburg, town, buildings
  • steal, nab, pilfer, swipe
  • corn, vegetable, vegetables

[edit] Empty Area

  • capital letters, letters, words, hints
  • flyer, paper, note

[edit] Stone Bridge

  • stream, brook, river, water
  • kill, push
  • jump in, swim, dive

[edit] Hag Area

  • hag, witch, lady, woman, chic
  • scrapbook, book, handbook, album, photos, crapbook
  • frog, rabbit, toad, animal, amphibian, lizard, creature
  • eyeball, eye
  • mug, cup, glass, stein, drink, coffee
  • controller, paddle, joystick, n64, joystik, joypad, gamepad, dprint, nintendo, 64, game, console
  • woods, trees, tree
  • 1, one
  • 2, two
  • 3, three
  • 4, four
  • wensleydire, a, frog, 1
  • rottenscab, b, eyeball, 2
  • blood area, c, controller, 3
  • zork, d, mug, 4

[edit] Pub

  • guy, dude, cleaner, man, bartender, barkeep, keep, barman
  • keg, barrel, jug
  • bottles, bottle, containers, glasses, shelves
  • ask for, order, buy, get
  • drink, mead, ale, beer, bier, swill

[edit] Sandwich Shoppe

  • sign, signage, poster, info
  • shop, shoppe, store
  • window, glass
  • break, smash
  • guy, dude, person, cleaner, man, dcd, dcg

[edit] Tavern

  • ask for, order, buy
  • kiga, kigalonian
  • drink, beer, mead, ale
  • toughs, jerks, men, man, dudes, guys, people, fellows, lady, girl, woman, women, ladies, girls

[edit] Clearing

  • mountain, mountains, hill, hills, background
  • skull, skulls, bone, bones, skeleton
  • tree, trees, bushes, bush, flora

[edit] Commands

When it comes to synonyms, some are not listed in the master list and are unique to the code segment. This will be shown as Action/Other Action/etc.

[edit] E

  • "Eat/Drink _____":
    • Ketchup:
      • (if you have the ketchup) Bad idea. It doesn't kill you right now or anything. But that stuff art full of cholesterol and leads to a fairly unhealthy death much later in life.
        Translation: do something else with the ketchup. Thou art dead. Thanks, but no thanks.

[edit] J

  • "Jam ______":
    • Walls:
      • (In spike room) With what? With thy own body? That will happen anyway.

[edit] K

  • "Kill _____":
    • Bird:
      • (if you are in the same area as the bird) Ye can't take anymore and try to silence the bird forever. As it pecks out the first eye ye thinks to yeself, "This is not going well." Things continue in similar, gruesome fashion until thou art seriously pecked through. Thou art dead. Try better next time.
      • (if the bird has flown away) Thy bird has taken off for greener pastures.
      • (if you don't have the bird) There is no bird here. Try one of the other rooms, like one with the word BIRD in the description.

[edit] L

  • "Look _____":
    • Bird:
      • (if you have the bird) Ol Picky has found a never-ending feast of corn in thy ear. Truly an ugly bird. And the sounds it doth make! Ye can taketh the morbling. It's the ganching that really cheeses thee off.
      • (if the bird has flown away) Thou sort of misses that old bird. The corn in thy ear is starting to build up.
      • (if you don't have the bird) There is no bird here. Try one of the other rooms, like one with the word BIRD in the description.
    • Bread: {also "get bread", "talk breadman" and "use bread"}
      • Thou art very good at the Instruction Screen. In fact, ye wins. Now start playing Thy Dungeonman 3 again.
    • Coins:
      • (if you have coins) It's all about the ... who the heck is that on these coins?
      • (if you used coins) Gosh you miss those coins.
    • Corn:
      • (if you have corn) It's... wait for it... an earful.
    • Door:
      • (if there is a Dungeon Door in the same area as you) Tis a dungeon door, thou art sure of it! Ye can almost hear that flask laughing at thee from within.
      • (if there is no Dungeon Door in sight) Nope. Not hear.
    • Glove:
      • (if you have glove) Boy art thou ever gonna get ye some flask with this thing!
    • Ketchup:
      • (if you have ketchup) Thou starts to feel woozy, but then thou realizes the ketchup is fake.
    • Map: {also "read map"}
      • (if you have map) The crusty map contains filthy directions for traversing the woods to an old hag's house. Like most things in thy inventory, it smells.
    • Stein:
      • (if you have stein) Looketh like a Franken Brand stein.

[edit] O

  • "Open _____":
    • Door/Dungeon: {also "go in door/dungeon"}
      • {You go into the sanctum.}

[edit] P

  • "Put _____":
    • Ketchup Head/Self: {only works if you have/had ketchup, also "pour ketchup" and "use ketchup"}
      • (first time) Ye taps the bottle and twists the cap, dumping the thick ketchup all o'er thy head. Perhaps twill help dread thy hair like ye wanted in middle dungeonschool. +2 points
      • (if you already did it) Done that already. Think up something new to type.

[edit] Q

[edit] R

  • "Remove _____":
    • Glove: {only works if you have glove}
      • (if wearing glove) Naw, it makes ye feel tough. Not Kigalonian tough, but tough nonetheless.
      • (if not wearing glove) Thou haventh eventh puth ith on yeth!

[edit] T

  • "Take _____":
    • Door:
      • (if there is a Dungeon Door in the same area as you) The village idiot could do better than thee.
  • "Talk _____":
    • skeleton/dongrel:
      • (if you are in spike room) Ye decide to waste time talking to the dead dongrel skeleton. Good one.

[edit] U

  • "Use _____":
    • Glove: {only works if you have glove, also "wear glove", "put on glove" and "put glove on"}
      • (if you are wearing glove) Thou art already wearing it. Wear it down.
      • (if you aren't wearing glove) Ye slips the unfortunately moist flask getting glove onto thy hand. Tis a perfect fit! That flask won't know what getted it! +1 point
    • Ketchup: {only works if you have/had ketchup}
      • (if you haven't used ketchup) How dost thou wish to use the fake ketchup?
      • (if you have used ketchup) Thy fake ketchup is spent already.
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