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The Two Johns, as seen by The Cheat

They Might Be Giants is a popular band which has collaborated with The Brothers Chaps on several occasions. They Might Be Giants consists of John Flansburgh, John Linnell, Dan Miller, Danny Weinkauf, and Marty Beller.

The story of the the Homestar Runner collaboration:

"It was very circuitous. ... A photograph was taken of me wearing a Homsar shirt, which is one of the more obscure characters in Homestar. I was at an in-store thing wearing this shirt and a fan had taken a photograph of me signing their book or whatever, and the photograph of me showed up in some blog, and somebody made them aware of it. They were like, "Hey look, they're wearing your shirt, you guys," and so they [The Brothers Chaps] knew that we were fans. And I guess Linnell kind of reached out to them and said, "You know, if there's anything you want us to do, if you have any musical needs for your site or whatever, we'd be certainly happy to help you guys out," and they took us up on that offer. We did a bunch of things with them-- we did a jam session with the Homestar puppet, and they did this video for "Experimental Film"--and it's kind of a mutual admiration society. We really enjoy what they do." — John Flansburgh from an interview in the Tucson Weekly, 19 August 2004

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