The Time Capsule

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"Some sort of challenge buried in the GROUND?"

The time capsule was made by Strong Bad in the email time capsule. The only item Strong Bad put in there was his number one jam about Grumblecakes. Strong Bad put dry ice in the capsule in order for it to make a noise that sounded like "froosh" when it opened. Strong Bad said that any sort of time container is not a time capsule, but instead a time box or a time tennis ball can, which, according to Strong Bad, get dug up in about four days. Homestar Runner made a time box (which Strong Bad derides as a "trash capsule" for its contents) and put a gross old wig in it. Stinkoman found the time capsule and found the number one jam (which he mistook for a power crunch), ate it and powered up. 1-Up, meanwhile, found Homestar's time box.

The time capsule physically resembles a Big Ol' Headache Medicine, and also bears a resemblance to the health capsules in Stinkoman 20X6, and the Isle of Pom.


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