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"Yeah. Shut up, kid!"
An early Thnikkaman. Note the moustache.

The Thnikkaman is Bubs wearing a pair of flashy sunglasses and a piece of paper with "tH" written on it taped to his chest. This seems to be Bubs' secret identity, as none of the other characters seem to know that it is Bubs. His powers of distraction are legendary, as shown in the email "monument" where he prevents Strong Bad from completing the statue of himself, as well as Homestar Runner from finally putting on some pants.

Other characters typically ask the Thinkkaman for "some", although it isn't clear what "some" is. His reply is always "Yeah, shut up, kid."

When he arrives, an unseen chorus sings "Here comes the Thnikkaman" and those words dance across the sky. When he leaves, the unseen chorus sings "There goes the Thnikkaman" also with the dancing words.

He was obliquely referenced to in virus, when Bubs' mouth was a "broken JPEG" which read "TH".

He has also called Marzipan, where he requested her to join his "Thnikkaband," which includes instruments, drums, cymbals, and drums. The dancers are required to "shimmy-shake a little bit to the left, and, if time permits, shimmy-shake a little bit to the right". The call begins with the chorus singing, "You got a call from the Thnikkaman," and ends with, "Here hang-ups the Thnikkaman," with the words dancing across the screen, an obvious parody of his original entrance and exit themes.

It has been speculated that Thnikkaman could be a parody of various Ovaltine commercials in which children are participating in some unrelated activity and are interrupted by the Ovaltine man. When they see the hot chocolate drinks the Ovaltine man is carrying, the kids are distracted away from their activity.

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