The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil

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Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil
Kick-awesome logo.
Fleet 30
Flagship The Proud Anselmo
Headquarters Strong Badia
Captain 1st Ltnrl. Space Captainface

The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil (also known as SBASAF pronounced "sbace-aff") is Strong Badia's space program. It is a definitely-for-profit organization dedicated to the manned taping of aluminum foil to cardboard.


SBASAF has a 30-vessel fleet, constructed of cardboardium alloy. Its flagship is known as The Proud Anselmo. The mission of SBASAF is to accompany 15 Earth dollars on a round trip journey to the closest reaches of space. According to their vague understanding of the theory of relativity, the muscular crew will only age a few hours but the money will age to roughly $1 million (in the form of three gold bars).


First Lieuteneral Space Captainface, played by Strong Bad, is the leader of the two person crew. His many job responsibilities include Breaking the Rules, Bucking the System, Rabble-rousing, and Assaulting Superior Officers. The fleet's only mechanic appears to be Harold "Strap" Coopmore (aka The Strap), played by The Cheat. The on-ground flight engineer is Rheumatoid T'daveral, who smokes a smooth and relaxing cigarette. Strong Mad isn't part of the crew but aids in the adventures by supplying the shaking effects of launch. Homestar Runner unknowingly played a space "myoot-ant" from Satriani V. Also, SBASAF is currently in the process of training Cadet Z.

They spent most of their budget on a kick-awesome logo and an orientation filmstrip featuring as many hot '60s looking girls as possible. They used the experimental $15 on a Sound F/X CD, which is operated by The Strap. The organization also seems to have a rivalry with the Italian space program, and seeks to knock their satellites out of orbit.


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