The Stone Bridge

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*[[Date Nite]]
*[[Date Nite]]
*[[Strong Badia The Free]]
*[[Strong Badia The Free]]
*[[Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective]] — In this appearance, it serves as the set for Venice, Ireland, Cairo, Paris, and Tokyo.
[[Category: Places|Stone Bridge, The]]
[[Category: Places|Stone Bridge, The]]

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"I'm a blade-man, man!"

The Stone Bridge is mentioned in the Strong Bad Email "personal favorites", where Strong Bad recalls Pom Pom and Coach Z having a knife fight there. Also, in Date Nite, Marzipan and The Cheat are seen standing on the bridge watching fireworks. While they were doing so, Strong Bad and Homestar Runner attempted to ruin their date in a small cardboard box (dubbed the "USS Flirtini") with those exact same fireworks but their plan backfired. It was the USS Flirtini's final voyage.

In Strong Badia The Free, Strong Mad starts his own country here, named "COUNTRY". Like the King of Town's Castle in Homestar Ruiner, it is always nighttime in this location.

In Thy Dungeonman 3, the description for an arched stone bridge claimed that they were famous for their knife fights.


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