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This is the name of Homestar's game show "The Show". For the email, go to the show

But it turned out that I didn't die.

The Show is the set where Homestar Runner holds his supposed "game and political talk" show. The set is modeled much after those designed in the 1970's. In particular, the rounded rectangles, chasing lights, and orange shag carpet featured in the background suggest a reference to the Match Game prior to 1979.

Games on the show:

  • Share your polictical views.
  • Recite a list (In the email the show, Homestar just reads the answers off the cards)
  • Play a Tic Tac Dough style game
  • Play the "games" or "guess the price" round
  • Answer questions in the "win big" category
From Boardelectrix!

Features of the Stupid Home Edition:

  • Choose to recite a list!
  • Ask questions, demand answers
  • Mostly play by oneself

Some of the prizes (as seen in Main Page 19)

Prize Awarded by
The Blender Answering a question with "E-mail"
The Ab-Abber 2000 Involving "Toons"
A golden The Cheat statue Involving "Downloads"
A trip to Hawaii Winning the Games round
A chair with a hidden price Winning the "Guess The Price" round
The Gremlin Answering a question in the "Win Big" category

Similarities to Real Shows

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