The Secrets That I Keep

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Strong Sad's box of memories

Strong Sad keeps a box of memories under his bed. This page is found in a link from the user profile on the Strong Sad Blog.


Contents and Transcript

Happy Birthday Kard

poop-head mom says I have to make you this kard
 -Strong Bab
 p.s. i'm going to punsh you in the back!!!


Kid Strong Sad standing around outside in the fall with a scarf on. He waves to the camera. Little Strong Bad jumps out of a pile of leaves and chases Strong Sad.

{zooms in on their heads}

Kid Strong Bad jumps on top of Kid Strong Sad and starts giving him a noogie. They both start laughing.

Snow Globe

The snow globe is a pink-haired troll doll on a tropical island, and it's snowing. It reads: "You're Number 1"


Strong Bad and Strong Sad as kids in some picture.

Fun Facts

  • The box is labeled "fond reminiscences."
  • The tree in the movie is used in the Halloween toons.
  • In the snow globe, it's snowing on a tropical island.
  • This is the first snow globe on the site. See the other Snow Globe.

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