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|[[Image:Mr._Fixit.PNG|150px]] || Mista Fixit || [[8-Bit is Enough]]
|[[Image:Mr._Fixit.PNG|150px]] || Mista Fixit || [[8-Bit is Enough]]
|[[File:mailman_cropped.png|150px]] || A mailman || [[Compy Catalog]]
|[[File:mailman_cropped.png|150px]] || [[Zelda Wiki:The Postman|The Postman]] || [[Compy Catalog]]
[[Category:Other Costumes]]
[[Category:Other Costumes]]

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The different costumes of The Poopsmith.

Image Costume Seen in
Has Matt? Email couch patch
Bound and gagged Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Poopertrooper Email disconnected, Strong Badia the Free
blue tuxedo Email senior prom
Nebulon inner tube Email keep cool
"2" sign and safety pins Email strong badathlon
Judge Dredd helmet Ever and More!
Wearing a snorkel Email concert
Wearing a bowtie Email email thunder
Mista Fixit 8-Bit is Enough
The Postman Compy Catalog
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