The Next Epi-Snowed

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Toon Category: Shorts
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Cast (in order of appearance): Fightgar, Silent Rip, Blue Laser Commander, Gunhaver, A. Chimendez, Crack Stuntman, Reynold, Crackotage, Crack Stuntman's Girlfriend, Foxface, Ripberger

Places: The Arctic Playset, Recording Booth, Cheat Commandos HQ

Date: Monday, July 28, 2008

Running Time: 4:10

Page Title: Cheat Chimendez-O's


{The title appears — "JUST CHILL...TIL THE NEXT EPI-SNOWED" written by A. Chimendez — over a shot in the Arctic. Silhouettes of Fightgar and Silent Rip are seen walking.}

FIGHTGAR: How come we always get stuck patrolling the Arctic Playset?!

SILENT RIP: Somebody's got to do it, Fightgar. In the last week alone, Blue Laser tried to make, control, and blow up super soldiers made of snow.

{camera pans to the right, showing the Blue Laser Commander with a bunch of snowmen shaped like Blue Laser Soldiers.}

BLUE LASER COMMANDER: They're called Super Snowldiers, thank you very much! And if I could find some carrots, they'll be destroying you all, momentarily!

{a sound of an engine is heard, then Gunhaver riding a snowmobile comes out and destroys one of the Snowldiers.'

GUNHAVER: Sorry Blue Laser! YOur evil plan is going snowhere!

Easter Eggs

   * At the end, click on the E to see an extra scene of Crack Stuntman in the booth. 
   * At the end click on the period for a scene in Blue Laser's hideout
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