The King of Town and The Poopsmith's Relationship

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The Poopsmith only ever shows respect to The King of Town, and never otherwise. Though only once has The King of Town ever directly insulted The Poopsmith in The King Of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show!!, where tells him he smells like a "Crapsmith". This is most likely the most easy going relationship among any of the characters.

The Poopsmith assisting The King of Town

In Homestar Ruiner, when entering The King of Town's Castle, Strong Bad addresses The Poopsmith as The King of Town's assistant/bodyguard/poosmith. These have all been proven true, including The King of Town calling for The Poopsmith to get or prepare things(this mostly occurs in Easter Eggs), him serving The Municipality, and shoveling whatsit outside the castle.

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