The King of Town's Grill

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"Oof! That little yellow thing!"
The Cheat has a really nice place in there.

The King of Town's Grill is the barbecue that belongs to The King of Town. The Cheat lives and sleeps in it, but he spends most of his time in the House of the Brothers Strong. Strong Sad thinks it's a pretty nice place, but none of The Cheat's shirts fit him. The Grill is also home to Cheatsa Pizza, The Cheat's own pizza joint.

Despite the grill's size, Strong Sad, Strong Bad, and a party of pizza-eating hot girls have, at various times, been noted or seen to fit inside. The grill thus likely contains an expanse of hammerspace.

The grill appears to be a Weber charcoal grill (or a knockoff) based on its distinctive shape and coloring.


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