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"Please remain standing while I finish my speech and consume the contents of this bowl."

The king eats corn dog batter.

Cast (in order of appearance): The King of Town

Places: King of Town's Castle

Date: July 14, 2003

Running Time: 0:47

Page Title: Go Go Cookie Dough!!



{The King of Town is standing outside next to his castle. One of his sheep stands behind him.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Hello, my loyal subjects. I am the King of Town. Please remain standing while I finish my speech and consume the contents of this bowl. {holds up a bowl momentarily} Now, despite rumors to the contrary, I did not just buy a crown at the costume palace and ask people to start calling me the King of Town. I earned my title the same way I earned a free combo meal: by purchasing one of equal or lesser value. I also did not ever try to eat my own mustache. I live in yon castle {gives a nod to his castle}, and employ a Poopsmith for reasons I don't care to disclose. And furthermore, now I'm going to eat this bowl of corn dog batter. {picks up a bowl of corn dog batter and begins to eat it}

Fun Facts

  • The King of Town's claim that he did not ever try to eat his own mustache is a blatant lie.


The sheep in the background will continue grazing after the cartoon is over.

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