The King of Town's Castle

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The King of Town's House. The sheep in front of it never, ever stop chewing their grass.
Outside The KoT's Castle
It has a huge mouth for a door, which has a very different look on the inside, with the tongue as a drawbridge.
File:KoT Front Door.PNG
The KoT's Physics Defying Door
Strong Bad tried to start a rumor that The King of Town lives in a 2-bit run down place next door to him, but since we see Strong Bad himself visit the King in the Castle I think we can safely say that rumour is untrue.
File:The KoTs Inside.PNG
Inside Is Rather Plain
He has a pantry full of Butter-da, Awww Gratin Potatoes (a 1983!), and Pork Snagglins, among other things.
A Collection Of Food
There is also a game called Typing Tutor in there somewhere.
Best. Game. Ever.
At the corner of the castle, Strong Bad found a different use for Typing Tutor.
File:Typing Tutor 2.png
Get ready for fun!
Also, in the ventilation duct, there's an open can of mayonnaise, left there by Strong Bad.
There is also a furnace in there somewhere that The Blacksmith works at (or at least did at one time),
A kitchen where The Chef works (again, at least as of The King of Town DVD),
File:Chef Place.PNG
Little Chef Dude Is Kept Busy
The Poopsmith works outside (who would want him indoors?)
File:Poop Place.PNG
Working Hard Doing Nothing
And there is a guy with a white head and white slicked back hair who mans a bugle and trundles about on a unicycle, an another armless guy in armless armor (pun?) with a visor helmet, and a Bishop/Cardinal guy! (The guy in the red clothes) The first two of these are in the background behind the KoT in The House that gave Sucky Treats, and all three of them are in the King of Town DVD. This, to my knowledge, makes up KoT's entourage.
The Whole Entourage

Complete Filmography

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