The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Costumes

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Costumes that the characters wore in The House That Gave Sucky Tricks, Halloween 2015.

Image Character Costume Explanation External Links
[[File:|150px|]] The Cheat Fudgie the Whale Wikipedia Article
File:150px Strong Bad David Lee Roth Wikipedia Article
Homestar Runner As H.I. McDunnough Homestar Runner H.I. McDunnough Wikipedia Article
Mazipan As Captain EO Marzipan Captain EO Wikipedia Article
The King of Town Devil's Tower Mashed Potatoes Wikipedia Article
File:poopsmithf-r The Poopsmith Feyd-Rautha Wikipedia Article
Homsar Fidgit Wikipedia Article
Strong Sad Cameron Frye Wikipedia Article
Pom Pom Wilson The only thing Chuck Nolan (Tom Hanks) had to talk to while stranded on a deserted island for four years. After finding a volleyball in the wreckage of the plane he was on, Chuck makes a bloody hand print on it, decides it looks like a face and talks to it to keep himself company. Wikipedia Article
Coach Z André 3000 One half of the hip hop group Outkast. Wikipedia Article
Strong Mad Tivo The logo for TiVo, the digital video recorder. Wikipedia Article
Bubs Chuck Barris The host of The Gong Show. Bubs says the catchphrase used to throw to commercials: "We'll be right back with more stuff!" his dance is the one done by Gong Show recurring character Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. Wikipedia Article
The Knight Astro Pop Astro Pops are cone shaped candy meant to resemble rockets. Wikipedia Article
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