The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries

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The gang in high school

"The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries" is a Scooby Doo-like cartoon written by Youdbetterbelieveit Chimendez that represents Strong Bad's memory of when he, Strong Mad, Homestar Runner, and Marzipan were teenagers in the Strong Bad Email "highschool". The cartoon is They apparently often debated the existence of "mysterious", and Strong Bad and Strong Mad usually tried to get rid of Homestar's striped pants. "Just to be safe", they played in a band. Each of the characters bears a striking resemblance to a Scooby Doo character: Strong Bad looks like Shaggy, Homestar looks like Fred, Strong Mad looks like Velma, and Marzipan looks like Daphne.

As Strong Bad states he has a very "unphotographic" memory, it's highly unlikely that the characters' past was anything like this.

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