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Science Fiction Greg and D N'D Greg are two geeky rivals in the Teen Girl Squad world. In an interview, Matt Chapman said these are some of his favorite characters. They are loosely based on gamers The Brothers Chaps knew in high school. Their lesser-known (but similarly geeky) friends, Open Source Greg and Japanese Culture Greg, occasionally join them in their misadventures.


Science Fiction Greg


Science Fiction Greg is an old boyfriend of What's Her Face, and, judging by his name, is a science fiction fan. He apparently has blonde hair and a sparse mustache. After Cheerleader died, he admits that he knew that she (What's Her Face) would come back to him. He also claims that his experience points went into triple digits and he has since needed to keep the ladies and Valkyries off with a two-handed +3 broad sword. As these are all Dungeons and Dragons-esque terms, this claim bites D N' D Greg's style. He also attends "Cosplayover Camp" in Teen Girl Squad Issue 11, where he dresses as a spaceman. The sight of his bare chest can create a "Blinding voip", as Cheerleader discovers the hard way. When What's Her Face was whisked away by the Wireless Wizard, they agreed that if they couldn't have her, she at least had been won by a worthy adversary. He seems to be the leader of The Four Gregs in 4 Gregs, where they attend varsity football team.

D N'D Greg


An apparent Dungeons & Dragons expert. Science Fiction Greg's boasting bites his style. He attends Cosplayover Camp in Teen Girl Squad Issue 11, where he dresses as a knight. He has long dark hair worn in a ponytail and a goatee. He thinks that wizards are sometimes so awesome, "it hurts". He hosts role playing sessions with Coach Z in his parent's basement. In 4 Gregs, D N'D Greg is revealed to have an understanding of the sport of football, claiming "fantasy football is still fantasy."

Open Source Greg


A hobby computer hacker. He resembles a recurring character in the Far Side comic. He is short and overweight, with bushy hair and glasses. He tries to hack into the concession stand to get treats, but instead only interferes with a website owned by Tompkins.

Japanese Culture Greg


As his name implies, he loves Japanese culture. His eyes usually look closed and his hair droops over them slightly, but when he says a Japanese word (as he is quick to do at apparently random intervals), his hair sticks up and his eyes open wide, resembling a cliché anime character.

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