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The Field

The Field is just a plain, grassy field in Free Country, USA where various toons take place. Homestar Runner confirms that the objects in the background are indeed bushes and not hills in Flash is Dead!. It is the home of The Stick. There also seems to be one or two telephone poles which are used mostly to hang signs. In Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, it is directly connected to Strong Badia, Bubs' Concession Stand, the Gremlin, the brick wall, and the Snap Shak.



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Old-Timey Appearances

The Field, Old-Timey style (The factory/circus district)

20X6 Appearances

The Field, 20X6 style (Planet K)



The Field is rarely consistent between any two toons. It usually looks slightly different than in its last appearance. Sometimes it goes back to an earlier design. It is flipped horizontally in some appearances. It has also had several stylizations, which can be seen below.

Date Image Appearances What's Changed?
July 1996 All appearances from Original Book to The Reddest Radish The Field's style changed in nearly every toon between Original Book and The Reddest Radish. Sometimes the colors were brighter, and sometimes the grass and sky were more detailed. However, all of these styles had something in common; there were no bushes.
c. 2000 A Jumping Jack Contest; Theme Song Video This is the Field's first consistent design. Swirly clouds are sometimes seen in the sky, and slightly lighter streams of clouds are also visible. There are brighter colors and visible blades of grass. In Theme Song Video, the outline is colored instead of black to match the updated animation style.
c. 2001 All appearances from The Luau to i love you There are now bushes in the background. The blades of grass are no longer visible. While none can be seen in this image, swirly clouds are still seen occasionally.
c. 2002 All appearances from The Interview to isp; imaginary The bushes have more detailed shading. The streams of clouds are blurry. The swirly clouds stopped appearing in 2002, appearing for the last time in invisibility.
July 2006 All appearances from Weclome Back to bike thief The shading below the bushes is realistically blurred. The streams of clouds are thinner.
Sept. 2007 pizza joint The colors are brighter and the bushes are more realistically jagged and bumpy. The streams of clouds are less pronounced.

This design was used only once before it was changed to the next design.

Oct. 2007 All appearances since business trip The streaky clouds and gradient sky (originally from Drive-Thru, see below) have returned.

Other Stylizations

These stylizations have only been used a few times, and do not quite count as evolution.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
This was primarily used during the fourth Field design. 2001 Fluffy Puff Commercial; marzipan; imaginary The bushes are completely round semicircles, and there is more shading on the ground.
This was used during the fifth Field design. March 2007 Drive-Thru The bushes have a flatter, more cartoonish look with streaky clouds and a more realistically blue gradient sky. This is the only time the bushes are brighter than the ground. The streaky clouds returned in the seventh design.

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