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===Complete Filmography===
===Complete Filmography===
*'''Debut:''' [[Parsnips-A-Plenty]] (Easter Egg)
*'''Debut:''' [[Parsnips A-Plenty]] (Easter Egg)
[[Category:Old-Timey Characters|Demon, The]]
[[Category:Old-Timey Characters|Demon, The]]

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The Demon poking Strong Bad with a pitchfork

The Demon makes a cameo appearance in an Easter egg from Parsnips-A-Plenty. In it, he's in Hell, poking Old-Timey Strong Bad with a pitchfork. His appearance, tool action, gloves, and relation to The Kaiser (who is the Old-Timey version of The King of Town) have lead many to believe he is the Old-Timey incarnation of The Poopsmith. An interview with Matt Chapman validates this to some extent.

Complete Filmography

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