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The Deleteheads Download is a Homestar Runner email newsletter started by The Brothers Chaps in 2018 to share news and exclusive previews of new or upcoming Homestar Runner material with fans. Installments are presented by Strong Sad's character as leader of The Deleteheads, using Strong Sad's email address ( The option to sign up was first offered on January 13, 2018 (Trogday), as part of several updates to the Index Page.


Vol. 1 (January 24, 2018)

Be seated, Deleteheads!

crumble down clown

Please be seated, Deleteheads!

Just dropping you all a line to say thanks for validating my unhealthy obsession with my own brother. And to give you an exclusive peek at Stinkoman Level 10!

We here at Deleteheads Central (aka underneath this Afghan Whigs afghan blanket on my bed with an old Lappy) managed to get a hold of Videlectrix Two himself via land line and he smuggled us this gif of a new destructible floor block in action via 1600 baud dial-up modem.

Sadly, Videlectrix One stormed in before he could send me any more and started ranting about "Grood Gaphics." When Two tried to correct him, it only made things worse.

A couple days later, I got this photo in the mail. Videlectrix Two says he found it on the floor of the 'Boardalectrix' offices next door. To what does this portend?!

Let the rampant, unchecked speculation begin!

Crapfully his,
Strong Sad

Fun Facts


  • An afghan blanket is a blanket made of knitted material.

Inside References

  • Internet Speed is measured in Baud as it was in isp.
  • Grood Gaphics is a spoonerism and a reference to Cheerleader's portmanteaux of "great" and "good".

Real-World References

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