The Brothers Strong

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The Brothers Strong. From left to right: Strong Mad, Strong Bad, Strong Sad.
The Brothers Strong Decemberween card.
The Cheat

The Brothers Strong are the three brothers Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad, and The Cheat. The eldest of the brothers is Strong Mad, followed by Strong Bad, then Strong Sad. According to Strong Bad in the email flashback, The Cheat was taken in by The Brothers Strong when he was found in an egg filled with fishsticks.

The assumed surname Strong is at the front of their names, not the back. They all live together in the House of the Brothers Strong, except for The Cheat, who lives in The King of Town's Grill. Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat think that Strong Sad is whiny and annoying, so they bully him, but in Decemberween Email Menu, they all posed for a picture, showing they don't bully him all of the time. Strong Mad likes The Cheat and usually gets mad when Strong Bad kicks him.

All of the Brothers Strong (except The Cheat) are ambidextrous.


  • Strong Bad
  • Strong Sad
  • Strong Mad
  • The Cheat (Adopted member)
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