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Matt Chapman trying to sing

The Brothers Chaps have occasionally felt inclined to sing or provide vocal background music, instead of voicing the music for a particular character. These instances are often in Powered by The Cheat cartoons.


  • Where's The CheatMike Chapman makes the segue noises from one scene to the next.
  • Email ghosts — Mike imitates the music that plays during old Batman-style transitions.
  • Email morning routine — The Brothers Chaps sing a tune heard from the Telebision.
  • Lookin at a Thing in a Bag — Matt Chapman and Rene Dellefont sing the background music "T-TV, TV Show".
  • Email mile — Background music for The Cheat's parade is sung by a Brothers Chap.
  • Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon — The Brothers Chaps sing a suspenseful "duh duh DUH!" when The Poopsmith is found to be kidnapped.
  • New Boots — The Brothers Chaps provide The Cheat's hip-hop music.
  • Email lunch special — In an Easter egg, the Brothers Chaps sing a stereotypical Hawaiian Luau song.
  • Email for kids — The Brothers Chaps sing the "Stave It Off" song.
  • Email animal — The Brothers Chaps provide the music for the back deck on the "fanglyfish".
  • Email — When Homestar says, "I'm a star!" and the old theme music plays, Mike Chapman sings along with it out of tune.
  • Alternate Universe Video — The video features Matt Chapman trying to sing a song from alternate universe.
  • Email original — The Brothers Chaps sing a quiet tune while Original Bubs walks out of view.
  • On Break — During the Bumbling Mascot Race Around the Field, the Brothers Chaps sing Yakety-Sax, and during an Easter egg they sing the theme song to Burger Time.
  • Doomy Tales of the Macabre — The Brothers Chaps sing the intro/end tune.
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