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The Brothers Chaps have participated in several side projects independent of Homestar Runner.



  • Mellow MushroomMike and Matt designed this website in 2001 for a chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in Georgia. The layout, navigation, and sound effects are similar to that of Homestar Runner, and the voices of the brothers and Missy Palmer are very distinctive.
  • Thorax Corporation — The Brothers Chaps, primarily Matt, created this website for a fictional company, and hid a link to the site in one of the Fortune Cookies. The Thorax Corporation is made up of stereotypical, overly aggressive domain-name owners who offer domain-name registration services while bombarding visitors with popups and ads.
  • The Great World of Sound — The Brothers Chaps made this fake website to promote the film they produced of the same name (see below). According to Craig Zobel, it was somewhat inspired by the Thorax Corporation website (see above).



Music and Music Videos


  • If I Ran the Camera — Mike and Matt created this Flash slideshow for a poem that their sister Karen had written for their father, Don Chapman, for Father's Day. The slideshow featured images of Don with his granddaughter Astrid Renee (Karen's daughter). This piece was a secret page originally posted on, but it was removed sometime in 2003 after the Brothers Chaps realized that fans had discovered it.

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