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== Homestar Runner Wiki Acknowledgments ==
== Homestar Runner Wiki Acknowledgments ==
<!--Please insert entries in chronological order, newest ones at the top.-->
<!--Please insert entries in chronological order, newest ones at the top.-->
* On September 9, 2011, the wiki was given exclusive previews of two [[Peasant's Quest Proposed Sequels|abandoned ideas]] for possible [[Peasant's Quest]] sequels.
* In the description of [[2011 Calendar]] at the [[Store]], it says "no more having to consult the Homestar Wiki", referring to the release dates of the Strong Bad Emails.
* In the description of [[2011 Calendar]] at the [[Store]], it says "no more having to consult the Homestar Wiki", referring to the release dates of the Strong Bad Emails.
[[Image:SupportTheWiki.png|thumb|300px|Support Your Local Wiki!]]
[[Image:SupportTheWiki.png|thumb|300px|Support Your Local Wiki!]]

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The Brothers Chaps have publicly acknowledged many Homestar Runner fansites, including the Homestar Runner Wiki. They've been known to drop by when fansites are celebrating anniversaries or other special occasions, and their messages are generally very positive and appreciative. This article provides a listing of known public acknowledgments of fansites by The Brothers Chaps and other contributors.


Homestar Runner Wiki Acknowledgments

  • On September 9, 2011, the wiki was given exclusive previews of two abandoned ideas for possible Peasant's Quest sequels.
  • In the description of 2011 Calendar at the Store, it says "no more having to consult the Homestar Wiki", referring to the release dates of the Strong Bad Emails.
Support Your Local Wiki!

Support Your Local Wiki! is a fan-run wiki that is wonderfully terrifying in its exhaustiveness. It's not officially affiliated with us and no one gets any money from it, but they do have to pay for their own server. Check it out and help keep the HRWiki awesome!

"Without the Wiki, we wouldn't be able to remember which cartoon The Cheat was holding a spoon in!"
— The Bros. Chaps
  • On the DVD commentary for love poems, it is suggested that the email be categorized as a "Not Quite Teen Girl Squad", based on the Teen Girl Squad cutaway scene (in reference to the Not Quite Strong Bad Emails category). They also parody the fun fact categories, suggesting that Homestar's hair tucking into his sweater is "a goof, and a glitch, and a reference, and a real-world reference, and an inside reference".
  • The DVD commentary for rated talks about how the Wiki unscrambled the image on the TV.
  • In the DVD commentary for pizza joint, Mike mentions learning about hammerspace from the Wiki. Matt pokes fun at the Disconnected Telephones page.
  • In the DVD commentary for mini-golf, Matt mentions learning the concept of the ouroboros from the Wiki and Mike talks about searching for The Cheat's arms.
  • The DVD commentary for rough copy suggests that the appearance of the barbed wire costumes' negative space was listed as a goof on the Wiki (it was not). They claim it to be a stylistic choice. They also jokingly suggest that most of their goofs are a "laziness choice".
  • "The Homestar Wiki" is thanked in the credits for all of the SBCG4AP games.
  • For over a year, the Wiki incorrectly reported that Mike Chapman did the voice of Mr. Bland. This was corrected after Matt Chapman revealed that this was a mistake during the hidden creators' commentary of Strongest Man in the World on the DVD Everything Else, Volume 3.
  • The Quote of the Weeks released on October 25, 2007, and September 22, 2005 were originally identical. However, the 2007 quote was changed within hours of being added to the site. The quote that it was changed to was suggested in the edit summary of the edit adding the previous quote to the HRWiki article.
  • During the Late Nite JengaJam Interview, Matt mentions the Wiki when they talk about letting the fans run their own community (rather than hosting their own message board).
  • In the first commentary for road trip, Karen Wagner thanked the Wiki for helping them keep their facts straight.
  • In the DVD commentary for the email boring (really), Matt Chapman said that the phrase Be's should have an entry on the Homestar Wiki. (It did.)
  • At the Georgia Tech talk, Matt talked briefly about the Wiki during the presentation.
  • Karen Wagner sent a donation to the Wiki during the 2007 Spring Fundraising Drive along with a sticky note.
  • The Brothers Chaps' friend, Craig Zobel, who has done work on, registered on the HRWiki Forum on January 15, 2007. He made a thread regarding his film "Great World of Sound".
  • In the DVD commentary for In Search of the Yello Dello Old Version, Matt Chapman (jokingly) claims that South Park ripped off the joke about Pitfall! from the cartoon. Peter Olsen replies with "put it on the Wiki".
  • In the DVD commentary for Bug In Mouth Disease, Mike Chapman mentions that there was a misspelling on one of Bubs's business cards that was pointed out by the Wiki. The word in question was "paranormal", which was misspelled as "paranaormal".
  • In the DVD commentary for Homestarloween Party, Mike Chapman briefly mentions that the Visor Robot was never officially named, but that they began calling it "Visor Robot" after the Wiki informally gave it that name.
  • At the Flashforward conference, Matt talked briefly about the Wiki during the presentation.
  • On November 18, 2005, Matt Chapman sent a personal letter to former Homestar Runner Wiki proprietor Joey Day, enclosed with the following note and several pages of sketches.
H*RWiki people!!
Thanks for putting
together such an awesome
Homestar resource & fan
community!! We couldn't
find which SBEmail had
The Cheat's angry eyes in it
without you guys! Here's
my "notes" from Jury
Duty!! - Matt C
  • In the DVD commentary for Strong Bad Sings, Matt Chapman wonders if the Fat Bluebird has a page on the Wiki. (It didn't, at the time.)
  • On Halloween 2005, Mibluvr13 put together a virtual birthday card for Matt Chapman's 29th birthday with the signatures from various Wiki and forum users. (View forum thread) Matt Chapman received the card and emailed her the following reply.
Thanks Chrissy and the rest of you! You guys rule. That card is awesome. And so is the Wiki and all the hard work you folks put into it. We use it all the time when we can't remember stuff from our cartoons.

High fives all the times,
  • Jonathan Howe, The Brothers Chaps' chief programmer, suggested to Bobby Blackwolf to post his interview on the Wiki. Bobby followed his advice as an anonymous contributor.
  • In the DVD commentary for the email animal, Mike Chapman states that they made a goof regarding segmented/compound eyes, and that they discovered their mistake by reading the Wiki.
  • The Brothers Chaps link to the Wiki's page for the Stinkomanual on their blog.

Acknowledgments of Other Fansites

Burning Horizon Forum

Matt Chapman posted a little message on the forum's one year anniversary, along with a sound clip featuring a small conversation between Strong Bad and Coach Z.

Happy anniversary to each and all of ya'lls. You got a great little fansite here. High fives to everybody. Here's a treat from Strong Bad and Coach Z that'll be up for a little while.

Has Fun,
Matt C
Message transcript:
STRONG BAD: Happy anniversary, BHZ. {pronounces "BHZ" as "Buhoouhzzz"}
COACH Z: Don't ya mean BHZ? {spells out "BHZ"} I tell ya, I got a case of the BHZ once. You don't wanna see the needle they gotta use to a-norc-ulate ya for that one!

When the site was originally launched in 2003, Matt and Mike Chapman sent its owner the following message:

Message transcript:
STRONG BAD: Welcome to Finally, a website worthy of all of my awesome-memenemenity.

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