The Brick Wall

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Hi, pointless wall.
This article is about the half-height wall for leisure and discussion. For the graffitied brick wall, see Graffiti Wall.

The brick wall stands just a few steps from Homestar Runner's door. In The Best Decemberween Ever, Homestar and Strong Sad stand behind the brick wall and discuss Strong Bad's Decemberween present. It has since become somewhat of a staple of Decemberween toons, though it has made appearances in non-holiday related toons, as well.

The wall is a reference to the comic strip Peanuts, in which Charlie Brown and his friends stand behind a similar wall.

In SBCG4AP, the wall is located between Bubs' Concession Stand and The Stick.

In Strong Badia the Free, the brick wall forms its own country called the Union of Soviet Socialist Repubricks.

[edit] Appearances

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