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"The Blacksmith, that guy was a good guy. I hung out with him after the cartoon."

The Blacksmith, like The Poopsmith and The Little Chef Guy, was asked by Homestar Runner and Pom Pom of the whereabouts of The King of Town's sheep in The King of Town DVD. This is the only character in the whole cartoon Strong Bad actually admits he likes, as he says that "this guy had some class" and that they hung out together for a while. Like Pom-Pom, The Blacksmith has no visible hands. The Blacksmith also has no visible face. Even his eyes are invisible, despite being the only thing not obscured by his mask.

After a lengthy absence from the Homestar Runner universe, he eventually reappeared as the drummer of the band "All the King's Men!", who performed during a senior prom. He later appeared in the movies as the maraca player in the King's mariachi band. In The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show, The Blacksmith tried to remove The Poopsmith's stench by spraying him with perfume, but the perfume cloud died before it reached him.

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