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Sgt. Cheatar

There have been numerous references to The Beatles in the Homestar Runner universe. This has either happened in dialogue, commentary, or simply the cartoons themselves. It is quite obvious that the Beatles' immense popularity has also hit Free Country, USA.


  • Email sb_email 22 — In an Easter egg, after Strong Bad says "screw all y'all", the crowd gasps and a person with a Scouse accent says "I can't believe he said that". This is a reference to the Beatles scandal claiming that they were "bigger than Jesus". Also, the Beatles are from Liverpool.
  • Ballad of The Sneak — The commentary makes reference to many Beatles songs, including some lines relating to the Paul Is Dead conspiracy.
  • Email anythingThe Cheat is wearing George Harrison's costume from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. In the commentary, Strong Bad says that the reason The Cheat was dressed like that in the email was because "we were gonna do our Beatles cover band for that Wednesday e-mail, and then it got Shanghai'd."
  • TMBG Concert - 25 Sep 2004 — Homestar's name is spelled on the album as "Homestarr", a reference to Ringo Starr, who sang "With A Little Help From My Friends", performed at the concert.
  • Mellow Mushroom — One of the pizzas is called Magical Mystery Tour, a song, album, and movie by the Beatles.
  • Strumstar Hammer — The line "The Grape Fairie granted each of them twenty grapes" is turned into "The Grape Fairie turned the original line-up of The Beatles into twenty grapes. watch out PETE BEST!!" Pete Best was an early member of the Beatles.
  • Email senior prom — In an Easter Egg, a business card for the Walrus Association has the phrase "Koo koo ca-choo or summat". This is a reference to "Goo goo goo joob" in I Am the Walrus.
  • Summer Short Shorts — Brain Sister's lyrics "Well she was only twenty-seventeen, she was a low res beauty queen" and "Th'all think you know what I mean" are a reference to I Saw Her Standing There. The original line after "Well she was just seventeen" was originally going to be "never been a beauty queen", but was changed to "think you know what I mean".
  • Email cliffhangers — "You say you want a resolution, huh?" is a reference to Revolution 1.
  • Email what I want — Strong Bad does a melody of the Rutles, a Beatles parody band.
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