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"Super catchy!"
This article is about the music video. For the song, see The Actions You Can Do.

For the second song of the Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP, Homestar Runner explains the actions you can do.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Doreauxgard

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019 (Kickstarter), Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (YouTube)

Running time: 0:56 (Kickstarter), 1:31 (YouTube)



{Music plays as a red silhouette of Homestar Runner dances in front of a goldenrod background. Homestar dives off-screen and pops up in front.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {speaking rhythmically} These are the actions that you can do on your turn when you're playing the board game, {lifts up a Trogdor meeple} Trogdor!! The Board Game.

{The Trogdor meeple rises off-screen. Cut to a farther shot of Homestar. Verbs appear on banners as Homestar recites them.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You can move {Homestar moves forward to the front} or chomp {spittle flies out of Homestar's mouth} or hide {Homestar ducks out of sight, then reappears on the other side} or burrow or even burninate!

{A small squiggle of smoke rises from Homestar's mouth}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {speaking} Hey, that was great! It was super catchy! {The banners fall down on top of each other, and then tumble down off the screen.} Everybody's gonna remember this one! Again!

{Homestar ducks out of sight, then reappears much closer}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {continues singing} These are the things that you can do {The Trogdor meeple wanders in from the left} when you go into your house {Homestar takes out a cottage meeple} and inside your house {Homestar flips the meeple, showing the burninated side} you have a couple friends {Doreauxgard pops up} and maybe eat a snack {Doreauxgard looks shocked, then is replaced with a plate. Slices of cantaloupe appear on the plate} and then play a board game, {The plate is pushed aside. Homestar is now at a table where the board game is set up, with a Trogdor meeple and two peasant meeples} called Trogdor!! The Board Game.

{Homestar is now by himself again}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And these are the actions that you can do, {words on banners appear as Homestar recites them} they are move and chomp and hide and burrow and burninate! {speaking} What'd I tell ya? Super catchy!

{Homestar ducks out of sight. Then he comes back.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Super catchy!

{Homestar ducks out of sight. Then he comes back, this time hanging from the top of the screen.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Never forget!

Fun Facts


  • Trogdor!! The Board Game is played on a 5 X 5 tile board, but in this toon, it is depicted as 6 X 5 tiles.
  • Unlike the original stylization from lackey, the top point of Homestar's star is shown to be slightly peeled off.
  • Homestar has teeth in this toon.

Inside References

YouTube Version

  • The YouTube description for this toon is "Homestar sings the catchiest song ever to help you remember all the actions Trogdor can perform on each turn in the board game Trogdor!! The Board Game."
  • There are a few subtle animation differences.
    • The rim of his hat is floppier throughout.
    • An impact is seen under Homestar's feet as he steps in place at the beginning.
    • When he first says "the board game", instead of lifting up the Trogdor meeple, he lifts up the board game box and opens it to reveal the meeple.
    • He squishes a bit when moving to the background to say the list of actions for the first time.
    • When he first says "hide", he closes his eyes and looks away in a hiding gesture.
    • Instead of moving down offscreen during "hide", he does it when he says "burrow". He then comes up slightly to the left of his previous position, moving back right on "burninate".
    • He closes his eyes on the last syllable of "burninate".
    • After Doreauxgard pops up, he looks back and forth.
    • When Doreauxgard makes a surprised expression, his eyes bulge a bit.
    • When Homestar knocks the table offscreen, each tile and piece is displaced individually, instead of the entire table moving at once.
    • Homestar lowers his eyelids on "What'd I tell ya? Super catchy!"
    • When he pops back up for "Super catchy!", the cantaloupe plate briefly rises up next to him before dropping below the screen.
  • The following extra scene is added.


{Fade out. With a "splat" sound, cut to a live-action shot of Puppet Homestar standing behind a table with a Trogdor meeple and a plate of cantaloupe slices sitting on it.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: Hey! They finally made us into a real cartoon, Doreauxgard! Let's celebrate!

{Puppet Homestar opens his mouth and leans over the plate as if to begin eating the slices, but the Doreauxgard puppet immediately pops up to interrupt him.}

PUPPET DOREAUXGARD: You monster! What the crap? That was my Aunt Crenshaw! How could you do such a thing?

PUPPET HOMESTAR: {as Doreauxgard is speaking} Wah! Oh no! Oh, I'm sorry!

{Puppet Homestar turns and walks off screen.}


{Doreauxgard begins stroking the cataloupe slices in a consoling manner with his tongue.}

PUPPET DOREAUXGARD: There there, Crenshaw.

{Puppet Homestar slides back in.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: This is creepy.

{Puppet Homestar slides back out.}


{Puppet Homestar returns.}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: That's just ina-pro-pro.

{Cut to a title card for The Homestar Runner & Doreauxgard Show! (misspelled as "Deauregard"). The rubber INA-PRO-PRO stamp covers the screen with a loud buzzer.}

PUPPET DOREAUXGARD: {sadly} This my only appendage.

{Three notes play as the scene fades out.}

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