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26 Apr 2020

26 Apr 2020: Also, what the crap do you folks think B.E.E.F.Y. stands for? [[{{{SITE}}}:p/1254410947063578625|view]]

26 Apr 2020: This is fake and will never happen but OH STYLES if I could shove my boxing gloves into a bucket fulla these, 'twould be bliss. [[{{{SITE}}}:p/1254408772249845763|view]]

21 Apr 2020: Burninating the clickwheel!! [[{{{SITE}}}:p/1252779865855623169|view]]

20 Apr 2020: Check this out!! Proof that my songs can still totally shred even on friggin music box! (it also really makes me want to have Troggie pay a visit to the Neighborhood of Make Believe. anybody else gettin those trolley vibes?) [[{{{SITE}}}:p/1252279964809998337|view]]

20 Apr 2020: Thanks to everybody who watched and chatted last Friday during the @TabletopSim livestream with folks from @GTGamesLLC! Meeple bowling! Unfortunate a capella Trogdor! Singing "Giant Peasant To You" to @MarcusRaven86! Giant KOT! Watch it all archived here: youtu.be/wJuGswyOqdI [[{{{SITE}}}:p/1252249630642970624|view]]

19 Apr 2020: Neural netmares! Sleep tight everyone! (senor catgage inadvertently made by @JanelleCShane, cat huuuuuudge by @skatchmagowza). [[{{{SITE}}}:p/1252033785392254983|view]]

19 Apr 2020: Never mind. Apparently I have already trained a neural net to make convincing Cardgage quotes. The neural net is called "all o' y'all." Experiment successful! [[{{{SITE}}}:p/1251873824716578816|view]]

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