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(implementing Template:NavFlex)
m (RightMainText (view link) now mirrors wording of {{mainnav}}.)
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   -->|RightMainText=View this Main Page<!--
   -->|RightMainText=go to this Main Page<!--
   -->|RightPrevLink={{{2}}} Main Page<!--
   -->|RightPrevLink={{{2}}} Main Page<!--

Current revision as of 20:05, 22 June 2013

[[HR:{{{1}}}.html|go to this Main Page]] [[{{{2}}} Main Page| {{{2}}} Main Page]] [[{{{3}}} Main Page|{{{3}}} Main Page ]]

This template is an extension of Template:NavFlex. If you need to change the visual style, you'll need to edit over there.

1=mainpage file
2=previous main page
3=next main page
link=filename (optional for subtitle parameters, if 1 is incorrect)
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