Teen Girl Squad Issue 15

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{{transcriptinprogress|Heimstern Läufer}}
{{transcriptinprogress|Heimstern Läufer}}
'''NARRATOR STRONG BAD:''' Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! ''{strapless!}'' So and So! ''{tie and t-shirt!}'' What's Her Face! ''{leftover brine?}'' The Ugly One! ''{like, mostly to secede?}''
'''NARRATOR STRONG BAD:''' Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! ''{strapless!}'' So and So! ''{puffy sleeves!}'' What's Her Face! ''{tie and t-shirt!}'' The Ugly One! ''{leftover brine?}''
''{Open to Cheerleader facing the other three girls.}''
''{Open to Cheerleader facing the other three girls.}''

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NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! {strapless!} So and So! {puffy sleeves!} What's Her Face! {tie and t-shirt!} The Ugly One! {leftover brine?}

{Open to Cheerleader facing the other three girls.}

CHEERLEADER: Oh my grash, gals! Guess who just got a date for the priggity prizom?!

WHAT'S HER FACE: {looking befuddled} I'm a little rusty on my white girl gangsta. Does that mean you're dating a pretty prism?

{Close-up of So-and-So}

SO-AND-SO: No no, that's the name of this year's prom. {suddenly looks deranged and her speech bubble appears to be melting} I was on every committee ever. {no longer deranged, her speech bubble is now rectangular} It's called Priggidy Prizom: {the following words are in a different font and a rose appears on each side of them} Thugchantment at the Cloughb.

{Cut back to the four girls.}

CHEERLEADER: So, again I ask, gresh who got a date for the prom?




{Cut to a close-up of Cheerleader looking angry.}

CHEERLEADER: Let me rephrase. {face changes to have a big smile and a pig snout} Guess who got a non-Greg date for the prom?

{cut back to the four girls, Cheerleader has beams coming from her face}




{cut to a view of the Gregs}

SCIENCE FICTION GREG: So I figure we'll teleport into the prom to make a really grand entrance. {begins to flicker on the last three words} Anyone know where I can get some endurium? {flickers again on the last word}

{Cut to a view of Japanese Culture Greg standing at a distance from the other three Gregs with a shiny-looking girl.}

JAPANESE CULTURE GREG: Come on Chizuko {his head appears animeish on the last word}, we're too cool for the prom anyway.

CHIZUKO: {exaggeratedly moves her arms and legs whilst speaking, her speech bubble is rectangular} Welcome, American investor, to the 2005 Consumer Robotics Show!

SCIENCE FICTION GREG: You'd think I'd be interested in life-size, realistic robots {cut to close-up of Science Fiction Greg}, but that thing makes me wanna barf up my earlier energy drink into the one I'm currently drinking. {holds up a can of energy drink labeled "Greg Fuel"}

{cut to Japanese Culture Greg and Chizuko; Chizuko shoots ray out of her eyes at Japanese Culture Greg, whose limb begin to detach from his body}



{Cut back to the four girls}

CHEERLEADER: That's right, I just grot asked to the prom {shows a photograph} by Cheerleader Brian! {on the last two words, cut to closeup of a picture of Cheerleader Brian}

{Cut back to the girls; So-and-So and What's Her Face look skeptical.}

SO-AND-SO: Cheerleader Cheerleader, you're going to the prom with Cheerleader Brian?

WHAT'S HER FACE: Isn't that like going to the prom with your dad?

THE UGLY ONE: And we've all been there, right gals?

{The other three look skeptically at The Ugly One. Cut to a close-up of So-and-So, still looking skeptical.}

SO-AND-SO: Uh... so... {face changes to a goblin-like one} How much did everybody's dress cost?

CHEERLEADER: {entering from the left and yelling and So-and-So, whose face has reverted to normal} MORE THAN YOURS!

THE UGLY ONE: {entering from the right and yelling at So-and-So before Cheerleader is finished} LESS THAN YOURS!

{Cut back to the four girls with What's Her Face facing the others; Cheerleader and The Ugly One are still angry; So-and-So is kneeling on the ground between them.}

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