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The Band Members
Origins Scandinavia
Genre(s) Death/Thrash Metal
Members Dave Bjornborg
Dave Olafstenston
Schenkel McDoo
Backup Unknown
Discography Moving Very Slowly (2003)
The Decoupage (2005)
Brother In A Jar (2007)
Shady Missionaries (2007)
Poison the Dragons (2007)
Producer Mort Dougland

Taranchula is a death metal band first mentioned in the Strong Bad Email "band names." The members of the band are Dave Bjornborg, Dave Olafstenston, and Schenkel McDoo. Their only known songs are "Moving Very Slowly" from Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits (heard briefly during the email "fingers"), "The Decoupage" (whose video is directed by Mort Dougland), and "Brother In A Jar" (composed for Strong Bad's would-be funeral). Also, in the Strong Bad Email "montage", Strong Bad can be seen listening to a Taranchula album with the Wagon Fulla Pancakes, and in the email more armies, an Easter egg reveals their album Shady Missionaries. They might be based on Sepultura, a Brazilian thrash metal band that uses stop motion animation in their videos, much like Taranchula's clip in death metal. The picture of Taranchula in the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits insert is very reminiscent of Glenn Danzig.

The video for "The Decoupage" is perhaps a spoof of the band Tool's video for their single "Sober", as both videos are stop motion and feature a shapeless creature slithering about the sets of the videos. In Tool's case, the creature is of unknown origins; in Taranchula's case: a piece of meat.

The video for "Moving Very Slowly" was released on the Strong Bad Email DVD.

The band also appears on the "Half-Hour Death Metal Dungeon Hour" in the email "death metal."

The three members of the band are portrayed by Matt, Mike and another Matt.

Taranchula's logo is very similar to that of Immolation, a popular death metal band.


  • Bjornborg is a play on Swedish tennis legend Björn Borg.
  • McDoo is actually more of a Gaelic name. If translated, it means "son of Doo".

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