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Disputed Fun Facts

  • There seems to be a strong hint to the WWF/WWE (World Wrestling). WWE's Vince MacMahon constantly speaks about "giving the fans what they want" whenever unleashing gratuitous violence & lewdness on his show.
    • Can we get a reference link for this?

- *An interesting thing to note is that when Strong Bad hits Bubs and the KoT with the "Everybody to the limit" record, the glass cover on it breaks both times! Almost as if he had the glass replaced after hitting Bubs to hit the King of Town with. - **Or maybe Strong Bad liked that record so much, he bought two of them. - ***You don't buy gold records. You are given them when your song sells well. He could have two copies, signyfing that it was "double gold" (in other words, platinum).

The Cheat and Pom Pom

How did Strong Bad manage to duct tape The Cheat to Pom Pom? We all know from the email "pom pom" that he could totally pummel him, and The Cheat would definitely find a way to resist. After all, remember the fight against Strong Sad in The Interview? -- TimMierz 11:40, 21 Sep 2004 (MST)

I'm pretty sure this isn't a disputed fun fact. It seems more like a comment. I've added a signature and a section heading for it to reflect this. Oh, and it might have something to do with suspension of disbelief. -- Tom 12:41, 21 Sep 2004 (MST)
Don't forget this is an early SB Email. Note that SB is less malign in the newer episodes. My take is that The Cheat's and Pom Pom's characters were in early development. Perahps, in a story that could be told later on the homestarrunner site, the Pom Pom had an event in his life that made him rise in courage. None of this takes away from the fact I think it's hilarious Pom Pom couldn't get The Cheat off. -- Brandon

Here's a possibility: The reason Pom Pom attacked Strong Bad in pom pom is because he saw the needle and ligher, and knew Strong Bad was going to do something to him. However, in this email, he probably just saw Strong Bad walking up with The Cheat holding some duct tape. That seems MUCH less threatening than a pin and ligher, right? And then, the next thing he knew, Strong Bad had duct-taped The Cheat to him. -Clever Ben

Hot Sauce-bul, not Ketchupanople

Does anyone know what the significance of that bottle of ketchup is? - Miss Free Country USA

It's not ketchup. It's hot sauce. Zoom in. And, as I added in the Fun Fact, I am rather confident that he pours the hot sauce over Coach Z's fries. Yes, I know that this message is likely being posted nearly two months after the comment it's replying to, but it really needs to be stressed - no ketchup. - Jay 13 Nov 2004

Yeah, it's defnitely got to be hot sauce poured over already hot fries. I can't think of anything else that would make it a punishment. That, and the fact that we're shown the hot sauce bottle twice, yet he never actually uses it on screen.--KoopaTroopa211 05:48, 1 November 2005 (UTC)

Has there been more discussion of this since November? An anony just tried to add it vicariously through a friend with an account (a reminder that we MUST find a solution to the new user block as soon as possible!), and it got politely reverted. While I personally would vote against it, is it maybe the stuff of STUFF? —AbdiViklas 18:02, 22 December 2005 (UTC)

What what mouth?

I'm tempted to erase the "what mouth" comment in the Fun Facts, but not without anyone else's approval. I mean, one might as well ask what hands SB expects Marzipan to hold out? Jay 13 Nov 2004

Since it's a comment and not a "fact," it probably doesn't belong on the article page. I'll move that (and other comments) over here to the discussion page. --oddtodd 01:05, 20 Nov 2004 (MST)

Moving Stuff From Article

Here's some stuff that should be on this page, but was put in the article instead. I have no idea who said what.

  • Coach Z's weakness appears to be Hot Fries, but this email doesn't tell us why that is. (This is remaining in the article.)
    • I actually thought this was the funniest part of the email - he gives Coach Z free chips instead of hurting him and thus insinuates that he's not his friend at all.
    • Strong Bad giving Coach Z the Hot Fries is an area of where you have to foreshadow. The Hot Fries are spicy chips. Coach Z will probably get a very huge burning sensation in his mouth, thus hurting him.
    • What mouth?
    • It could be more than that - why else would Strong Bad have been carrying around a bottle of hot sauce (NOT KETCHUP) for the whole e-mail? Notice the strange sizzle coming from the fries? They've probably been, er, spiced up a bit.
    • Are you sure the sizzle comes from the bag? The showers would make a similar sound, and I don't think hot sauce sizzles like that.
    • It looks like there's something inside the bag other than fries... does somebody want to go through the SWF file and check?
  • In this Email, Strong Bad harms Strong Sad, which is strange, because that would signify Strong Sad as his friend! (Also remaining in the article.)
    • But then, since when has Strong Bad ever needed a particular reason to hurt Strong Sad?
      • Whoever said Homestar, Homsar, and Marzipan were his friends? -Clever Ben

There's a reason for pages like this. --oddtodd 01:08, 20 Nov 2004 (MST)

DVD Egg help

I'm having trouble triggering the commentary. It may be because I'm using my XBox, although I'm pretty sure it should work. I changed the language, but nothing happens. --Droffats

Woah......I'm no DVD expert but my step-brother is a computer technician and he says putting DVDs in video game systems is BAD BAD BAD. My advice: Watch it on your computer. -Miss Free Country USA

From what I know, the hardware on the Xbox is pretty much the same as that on a computer. Apparently, the Playstation 1 disc stanard was readable on a computer, but modern CD drives rotate discs faster than the PS minimum speed tolerance. However, I would assume that the Xbox does not exceed the DVD speed limit, as playing DVDs is an integral feature. However, different systems might not be made to take DVDs, and could damage the disc if the disc is forced. Back to the question, no idea. Haven't got the discs or an Xbox. Good luck on that. Delete this comment if useless.

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