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"*The friends refered to in the email are Virginia Quarles, Joy Phillips, Kristen Schaeffer, and Jennifer Skates, all of Kingsport, Tennessee."

Is this true?--Hysterical Woman 18:25, 12 Nov 2004 (MST)

Yeah, I'd like some confirmation. I've removed the text from the page. -- Tom 19:14, 12 Nov 2004 (MST)

There's no way I can really confirm that, except to say that I know the girl who sent the email. But honestly, I don't care if that information is on the page or not.

Why is there a curse word on the article page?

I saw the word 'asshole' in the article page. Shouldn't that be taken off of it? I thought this was a family page.


The general rule is that if it's on the website, it's okay. And it's on the website. Look for yourself in the easter egg. Yeah, I know they censored the word out of the DVD version, but that's viewable by more people. And since this is a wiki whose purpose is to inform, it wouldn't make sense to remove true information.

Possible Ref?

Teen Girl Squad reminds me of "Girl Squad" from the good old days of Dexter's Lab on Cartoon Network (little r symbol thing) where Dee Dee and her friends committed various crimes trying to stop "criminals" It's highly doubtful but I suppose anythings possible. -PAUAU

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