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Martini - First overt alcohol reference?

  • Does the downloadable Strong Bad screensaver that advertises "Strong Beer: Alcoholic Cold Ones" count?
    • What about Coach Z's "Coldson Lite" in the sbemail 'Labor Day'?
    • And what about on where on the staph page it says, "hear their drunken ramblings"?

SB's FIXING Southern Charm

  • Given that the Brothers Chaps are from Atlanta, its probably not intentional.
    • It could also explain why he thinks Southern Accents are hot.
      • No wonder Strong Bad has a mexican accent!
        • Well, he used to, I think he's grown out of it.
        • "Southern" is totally different from "Mexican". I assume this whole Mexican Wrestling thing had more to do with it, prime example probably being Marshmallow's Last Stand.

The Magic Hate Ball

The "Fun Fact" below was removed from the page. Although an in-article editorial by Douglas was out of place on the main page and should have been placed here, he was correct in saying that this is a huge stretch. The Orb of Aldur is just one more magic rock that the fantasy genre is overflowing with. Why can't this just be a common crystal ball? One that burnsss usss, precioussssss... Render

The "magic ball" page is possibly a reference to the 
[ Belgariad] and 
[ Malloreon] book series, 
in which a magic orb (the "Orb of Aldur") burns out the face and left 
hand of an evil character who takes advantage of the orb's power.


THIS IS THE GRATEST CARTON BOOK OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Oh sorry. Went a little crazy there. unknown

I AGREE!!!!!111 THIS IS THE GRATEST CARTON BOOK OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 Sorry about that. I just couldn't resist. Has Matt?


Does anybody notice that in the store scenes, when Strong Bad draws over it, the man unlocking his car door now looks like he just keyed the car.

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